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  1. How cute your turtle is. The challenge of slowing down comes as we add years to our years. Glad you had a special time with your friends to recall the special memories. Hope your Memorial Day has a bright spot! Love, Virla Harrell

    • Thank you, Virla. The little turtle is doing its job! I canceled some plans for Sunday and planted flowers instead. A lovely respite from my routine.

  2. Great reminder to cherish the relationships we have enjoyed over the years and the special one we have in Jesus that lasts our whole lifetime and beyond!

    I love Teddy. So cute and no feeding or vet bills.

    love, Heidi

    • Yes, Teddy doesn’t require much but he gives me a reminder every day to take it easy.

  3. How fun, and I know they loved the visit also! This has been a fun week seeing pictures and posts from the old MSPC days. Hugs and blessings!
    Patti Greenblat

    • Good to hear from you, Patti. I agree. We had some great days together at MSPC. Treasured memories and friends for all time.

  4. loved your turtle!! Friends are priceless!! I have heard that our long time friends are gold and new ones are silver. Of course it does not take long for the ‘new’ ones to become gold ! Nothing like good friends. Some are like angels!! Always doing things for us but mostly it is the sheer joy of just being together! One of my ‘new’ friends brought lunch yesterday and we “talked and talked” for over five hours.It was so good for me since I do not get out much. > I am so glad you enjoyed your long time friends. The three of you look very happy and beautiful! Your smiles are great! A favorite ‘saying’: “smiles improve your face value” and Karen, yours is beautiful-pure gold.
    Blessing with love,Margaret

  5. Thank you, Margaret. I’m so happy to hear you and your friend had a five-hour chat. How special to have someone in your life who you enjoy that much! 🙂

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