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  1. Hi Karen, this is a heartwarming story. I like Rosalind’s loving spirit and good-naturedness going along with the kids’ brutally honest remarks about her. Bless her heart. Thank you for sharing. Jing

    • Thanks, Jing. Kids don’t hold back, for sure. Now that my ‘grands’ are older they are a little more tactful, but now I hide my ‘purple’ under pants and long sleeves! 🙂

  2. I’ll think of this every time I wear purple from now on. 🙂 Thanks for a smile today. I’ll have to find that book. Still praying for you!!

  3. Karen, you are so amazing. Thank you for takng time to share humor….I love you, and this is a cute story. I think I will stick to wearing slacks. I have too many honest nieces and nephews afoot!

    • Thanks, Lynni. I’m enjoying a couple of weeks of giving my oldest daughter some ‘mommy care’ as she heals from her recent surgery. It’s lovely here in ‘your’ midwest. Tulips are blooming and it’s green everywhere. Wish I could take some of it back to California.

    • Yes, it’s time for some smiles and laughter. Even the worst situations have a silver lining if we pay attention.

  4. Love it!!Children are so honest! My sister, Kittie, was at church and an adorable little girl was sitting beside her, looked up at her and said: ” You’re a grandma”. Kittie said she was but how could she tell. The child put her hand on Kittie’s arm above her elbow, played with the “fat” (ha) and said, “because you have one of these”.

    I was in the hospital and the nurses were getting ready to put an IV in my hand and excitedly said: “OH, what beautiful hands !” I had to laugh and said they were ugly-because of the huge veins-I was still laughing when they said: “oh but that is what makes them beautiful” !!

    The moral of this story is to accept the wisdom that can come from children and nurses too ! The child was wise to suggest the lady wear pants if she was not wearing purple~~the nurses?? The nurses were wise, because I had been sort of “down” on all these imperfections and THEY made me thank God, literally, for these large veins as it sure made it easier for the nurses and the pain was not so bad either~~ at least I have hands!!

    Love you ! margaret

    • I love these cute real-life stories, Margaret. I’ll have to keep them in mind for another book!! 🙂

  5. I like this story Karen, it hits home. I also have a real-life story. I took my grandson for a snack, we were leaving and he noticed a sports car. He informed me that he had seen an old women driving a car just like that one day “she was your age Grandma” He is married now, so I was still fairly young at that time. Children does not always see through rose colored glasses!!!!!

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