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  1. Karen, I don’t have what you would call one person as a prayer partner but we have a prayer “chain” at our church and when anyone needs prayers the emails fly! They are for specifics, of course but we ask for prayers for ourselves also when we have a specific need and it is a real comfort to know that over 20 people will be praying for our specific need every day! We have a larger group of Prayer Warriors at my last church and it is such a comfort. So many prayers have been answered and I feel it is important to pray a big prayer of Thanks to God for His answers. Sometimes the answer to our prayers are not what we wanted or needed but we always know that God is with us. I feel it is good to pray that God’s Will, will be done in situations and if what we are asking is not for the best and God has something better in store for us then so be it. We don’t know His plans for us but we know His plans are for our benefit in the ‘long run’. It is good to have a special friend who will pray for us and I have those also but not a one on one like you describe-which I think is just wonderful!! You are blessed.
    Love to you. Margaret

    • Thanks, Margaret. We have a Stephen Ministry of prayer at our church and that has been a wonderful resource just as the prayer chain at your church has been. Nothing like prayer warriors to keep us protected. 😊

  2. Dear Karen, I remain so grateful for your faithful prayers for me and my family over a significant number of very challenging years. I’ve been privileged to pray for you, too. While not daily or weekly “prayer partners,” our hearts are definitely knit together by the Spirit of God. Blessings abound!

    • For sure, Glenda. I treasure your prayers for me too, over the many years we have known each other.

  3. Karen, I love this. You’ve been so wise in seeking out partners to pray for and support you, and I know you’ve prayed for me in times of specific need as well. While I don’t have a regular prayer partner I do have women on whom I call when specific needs are present. I’m deeply grateful for the trust we share, knowing confidences will not be shared; and for the privilege of holding each other up before the Father. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of the gift of praying friends!

  4. Good Afternoon – I have been out in orbit for a while and it is now time to land on earth. I am selling my home and it was just listed about a week ago. Challenges do abound. As for a prayer partner per say – I have various ones for different reasons that I reach out to. Also my three daughters and I text almost daily and share our joys and concerns by way of prayer. I honestly don’t know where I would be without my sisters in Christ. Up a creek with out a paddle.
    Love and Blessing to you, Karen

    • Thank you so much, Joan, for chiming in. How blessed you are to have daughters who are also prayer partners.

  5. years ago, I ask my former pastor’s wife to agree with me that my husband would get hired back on at Kroger. She did and he got hired back, just in time for me to use the ins. and Bob worked there until retirement age, so I am a firm believer of prayer partners.
    You are so blessed to have such a dedicated praying friend, Karen.

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