Gizdich Ranch

courtesy of Gizdich Ranch, Watsonville, CA


One of my favorite days of the year occurs during the summer. The Senior Saunters (a hiking group I belong to) take to the trails of Madonna Mountain, a few miles from where I live. The bright sun splashes through the trees, lizards skitter among the undergrowth, and birds serenade us as we walk and talk.

Afterward we head down the mountain and stop at Gizdich Ranch for some homemade pie. There’s always a line in front of the ordering window. Take your pick––if you can.

olallieberry pie




and more . . .

This year I chose apricot with real whipped cream. I can still taste it. Sweet and tart. Just the way I like it. Yum!

As I savored each morsel I scanned the surrounding orchards and looked overhead at the deep blue sky, not a cloud in sight. To think that God made the trees is huge in itself. But then He gave human beings the idea and the talent to use the tree fruit for nourishment and pleasure in the form of a homemade pie!

And that’s no ‘pie in the sky.’ That’s our God, creator of the universe and all that is within it.

. . . Everything was created through Him and for Him. Colossians 1:16

What is your favorite pie? Want to share a recipe?

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Pie Under the Sky — 10 Comments

  1. Karen, congratulations on your new book due out soon! You sure put getting older in a new light for many of us. Thanks for keeping us smiling about the foibles of getting older!

    • Thank you, Kristi. Since I’m getting older by the day, as well, I want to keep smiling so I’m happy to have others doing the same right along with me.

  2. Karen, I’ve never heard of olallyberry, but I do remember gooseberry pies from living in Ohio, made much the same as cherry pie; however the berries are very tart so may require more sugar. My favorite pie is coconut cream.

    God bless.

    • Thanks, Marie, for sharing your favorite pie choice. Berry pies of any kind are my favorite and for cream pies, lemon wins the prize for me!

  3. Dear Karen,

    Our God is awesome. I wonder at his world every day. The way he cares for us is humbling.

    I’m just finishing my CWG Apprentice course and can recommend it and you as my Mentor.

    • Thanks, Ann. It’s been such a pleasure to work with you over the years as you spent time in the AP course with Christian Writers Guild. Your perseverance during your illness and various challenges has inspired me.

  4. I love hiking in the woods, to be out in God’s creation and to see, feel, and smell His wonders.

    My fav pie has always been the Apple pie — ala mode, of course, but wouldn’t refuse any of the berry pies put in front of me at dinner time. Lol.

    Thanks for being a mentor of mine at CWG and for opening up a whole new world to me. I am very happy now as I write for our savior and husband, Jesus Christ. Congrats on your new book.

    • Thank you, Jim, for your loyal following all these years. I’m so happy for you as you write for Jesus. I’ve learned a lot from you. My mother used to make a killer apple pie. I have to admit I miss the pie and I miss my mom.

  5. Hi, Karen, thank you for another inspirational life story. The pies you describe make my mouth water … My “pie in the sky” is the cool, refreshing sea breeze, and nurturing fragrant fresh air from the majestic pine trees on my way jogging to San Francisco’s grand Ocean Beach in my neighborhood. I thank God Jesus for his blessings.

    • Thanks for adding your comment, Jing. Your jog near your home in S.F. does sound like ‘pie in the sky.’ All of nature is God’s gracious gift to us, for sure.

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