One is Silver and the Other Gold — 14 Comments

  1. Now that song will be running through my head, but I appreciate the reminder. Old friends certainly are the golden ones.

  2. I do so agree! The “gold” friends are a treasure. I have a couple that I went to high school with. One became my sister’s sister-in-law and the other married that girl’s brother. Figure that out:) We are still friends after 70 years. God is good!!

  3. I loved this post, dear Karen, and the wonderful photos of beautiful you, your family, and friend. It did my heart good to see your obvious enjoyment with them.
    I am also blessed with amazing golden friendships and many silver ones too that I treasure. All are such precious gifts from God, including you!

  4. Thank you for sharing these loving words my golden friend. I have wee Wendy by my side this morning and we have known each other for 53 years! We certainly are blessed. We look forward to your visit with us for tea tomorrow! Glorious sunny day here looking out at a calm ocean and clear horizon after all that rain last week.
    You are SO loved Karen. Happy to see your S. CA family looking so good too…. especially June.

    • Thanks, Kathleen. I look forward to spending time with you and dear Wendy. What a long and precious friendship you two have with each other.

  5. WELL, my comment disappeared before I was finished? SO you may receive “part of one” and hopefully all of this one! I love your photos and your son is very handsome and Daughter-in- law another beauty!! Your sister and I have something in common/ when I have to go somewhere I have to use the wheelchair ! In the house I am fine with my walker with wheels but just cannot handle it outside. It is blessed with dark hair-mine is snow white! You are so blessed to have a sister! AND the good friend of 50 years!! How wonderful. My ‘longest time friend’ and I met when we were only three years old! Dad was a minister and he was sent to a church close to Paducah. Her name was Martha SUE ! Her sister and my brother started dating, got married and that kept Sue and I close all these past years. Even after Herb and I married the four of us stayed in touch and visited each other every year –until 2013 when they came to see me. Sue was beginning to have dementia and has gone into Alzheimer’s and is now in a bad shape but I sure do have awesome memories of our friendship for over 82 years! Amazing to have a friend for that many years. We sure were blessed! “my Sue” is definitely Gold!
    Thanks Karen, this one and the photos are priceless!
    Love to you. Margaret

    • Thanks, Margaret. Wow! An 82-year friendship is quite something to be proud of and grateful for. Memories are made of such dear friends and the experiences you’ve shared over the years.

  6. Karen, I’m lifting my hot tea to join you in your toast to more of all the wonderful things you have experienced and the relationships you cherish.

    Here’s to all the blessings God gave yesterday and will give tomorrow!

    Smiles, BRC

    • Thank you, Beth. Always good to hear from you and to keep in touch as friends far apart in miles but close in heart.

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