I left the women’s luncheon feeling like a million.  I made new friends, enjoyed a delicious meal, was inspired by the music, and felt great about my presentation as the keynote speaker. Then it happened. I walked out the front door of the banquet hall with two other women and I went blank. There in front of me was a sea of cars––but I had no idea where mine was located. I started walking––praying. Where are you little Escort?

I couldn’t lose my cool in front of these women. They were impressed with me. They thought I was a celebrity! They wanted more of my books and my autograph. “Do you have any extras in your car?” one asked.

“Sure,” I mumbled. “Authors always carry extra books (now if I can just find my car). Why don’t you wait right here?” I suggested. “I’ll run to the car (if I can find it) and come back with the books signed and ready.”

“Oh no,” said another. “We’ll follow you. No sense in your walking all the way back. We’re parked in the lot too.

Follow me? My hands were suddenly wet and my mind had turned to mush. I wondered if they’d be so eager to keep going if they knew I was walking in circles.

“Sure, right this way,” I said, clearing my throat and blinking back tears. I didn’t have a clue where I was heading. My trusted, faithful car, clean, dependable, and paid off, was nowhere to be seen.

Help Lord, I’m having a senior moment!

Then suddenly it all came back. Clear. Vivid. Certain. I had parked in the first lane by the exit on purpose––so I wouldn’t get in a long line going out. Whew! In the nick of time you answered me. My honey of a car, gleaming in the sun from the fresh car wash, was right where I had left it, six cars to my right, practically in front of me. It never looked better. I wanted to wrap my arms around it, hug it, smooch it!

“Here we are,” I chirped. “I’ll get the books, sign them, and you can be on your way.”

The ladies smiled, scribbled out their checks, handed them to me, and off they went, thanking me as they waved good-bye.

I thanked them too.

But you’re the one who deserves the thanks, Lord, and the hug, and the big smooch! Once more your Holy Spirit came to my rescue.

How about you? How has God bailed you out of an embarrassing situation?



Oh Those Senior Moments! — 7 Comments

  1. Gosh Karen. That question is a real challenge as I have SO many times ….. seems like each day …… that I am “bailed” out as you call it!
    You are so good at remembering and telling and I sure enjoy your stories. Thank you.
    Blessings and Love to you and all your readers for a wonderful 2013.

  2. Oh my gosh, Karen!I hate it when that happens. I kept thinking what a great on the spot example it would have been for your senior moments books had you laughed and said “Wow! This is one of the moments I’ve written about. I can’t remember where my car is! Ladies, you’re part of my next book.” However, I’m so glad you remembered (thank you Jesus!) and were able to avoid any embarrassment.

    • I ended up writing about it, as you can see, so I use all my senior moments to my advantage, embarrassing as they might be! Thanks, Laura, for encouraging me.

  3. Karen, you know how sometimes you have to be there to get the point of the story? LOL…felt like I was. Smiles!

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