North Pole or South? — 8 Comments

  1. Karen I guess this was an “oh well” time. I have them all the time. I have an upper plate and use a foam pad to keep it from getting loose. I was out of them- guess what! every place I went that day, I saw people I knew-and talked & talked; hoping my denture wouldn’t slip. It did at times. “oh well!”

  2. I got a kick out of this one—glad I checked it out! You should know that I forget stuff all the time and I’m younger than you by 20+ years! And when camping? Sigh! All bets are off. I admire your tenacity to keep at it. I gave up years ago when it all became more than I could handle.

    • Thanks, Julie. It seems almost all my hiking friends, including me, forget something on each trip. But we’re all in it together so someone always has what someone else forgot. Good lesson for life, too!

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