My friend Kirby and I love to go to movies at a cozy old-time theater in downtown Santa Cruz, not far from where we live. Locals refer to it as ‘The Nick’ (for Nickelodeon). Afterwards we walk over to the Palomar Hotel to a cute little Mexican cafe for tortilla chips and salsa and homemade tacos that are the best ever–in our opinion.

This outing has become at least a monthly event that we look forward to. It’s fun to share chit-chat before and after and take away some inspiring or humorous ‘lessons’ from the movie.

A couple of weeks ago we viewed “The Meddler” with Susan Sarandon. We recommend it for all moms–but especially for those of us with adult daughters (and sons too, for that matter). We all want the best for our kids, whatever their age, and we probably believe we know a shortcut to getting there–if they will only listen to us!

Well Susan in her role as Mom definitely personifies the meddling mama and it takes almost losing her daughter for her to ‘get’ what she’s doing. I won’t give away the trail she travels because there are some heart-warming details along the way that you’ll want to see for yourself–even if you’re a mother who already knows how to behave with grown children.

One thing I’m learning and polishing in my life is to keep the focus where it belongs–on my own growth and to let my example, rather than my words, do the talking!

Yesterday to my delight I received a text from one of my daughters:  “. . . what a gift your mental/emotional/spiritual health is to us.”

So here’s to us moms, aunts, grandmas and good friends of our grown-up kids as we entrust these young and not-so-young men and women to live their lives as they are guided just as we’ve lived ours, mistakes and all.

 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you. Psalms 32:8



Movie and a Meal — 17 Comments

  1. You cannot BEGIN to know how timely this was for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! I will look for that movie!
    Hugs to you, Karen.

  2. Dear Karen, sounds like a right-on movie for mother-daughter relationship, thanks a lot for the recommendation. Jing

  3. Very timely Karen. Last evening at my granddaughter’s Graduation (from High School) party my son in law advised Lindsay to look at the beautiful and wise older women in the family if she needs encouragement or fine examples of how to live and love and to keep loving connections especially with family and to stay healthy in body, mind and Spirit. Blessings dear wise and loving friend. XO.

    • What a lovely experience, Kathleen. Certainly you are a key wise and older woman (and grandma) in Lindsay’s life.

  4. Dear Karen-we share something here regarding the text your daughter sent to you. Not long ago a couple of friends from out of state joined us for a visit and lunch and as we were talking they asked me a personal question about forgiveness. I told them how I had forgiven someone for something that everyone says they would NEVER forgive and when I finished, Tanya, my daughter just smiled, looked at our friends and said: “See? that is the kind of examples I have had about “life” all my life” ! WOW! Talk about making me feel unworthy, humble and grateful all at the same time?!! All I can do is to thank God for allowing me to share with my daughter during her growing up years the things I learned from others ! God is soooo good!
    “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”! The Bible tells me so !!! Thanks, Margaret

    • Margaret, this is a beautiful personal story. How special that you and Tanya are so close–especially since you are living together. I also appreciate the scripture verse, a great reminder.

    • Thank you, Gail. We’re all in this together. Isn’t that encouraging?

  5. I saw this movie. What you say is absolutely true. I think our grown up daughters would love this movie too!

    • Thanks for chiming in, Cathy. Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie and agree with the conclusion!

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