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  1. I think this is a great idea for anyone who loves to cook. I am not sure “who” is doing the cooking?? did I miss something? Karen, are YOU the one who is cooking?

    I have always loved to cook and have served so many huge meals in our home~especially when Herb and I were married. I have never promised a schedule for a length of time but I have a feeling whoever does this will be blest beyond their belief! God loves a cheerful giver and I have a feeling you will feel great joy!
    Good luck!

    • Yes, I’m the grammy who is doing the cooking! Sounds as if you are a fellow grandmother who likes to cook.

  2. Karen,

    My Mom & I love to watch the “Pioneer Women” on the Food Network Channel together or I check out her website. She has great recipes to feed a hungry crowd of all ages. Yummy!

    That is a super supper idea!! Bet you’re a great “Grammy!” 😉

    Smiles, B

    • PS…Could you journal/blog about your dinner experiences and post favorite dishes, funny experiences or “It never fails” flops??
      Just thinking how you could incorporate your writing in this venture and share this neat idea with other “Grammys.” Smiles, BRC

    • Not sure about incorporating my writing but it’s a thought. Thanks for the idea, Beth.

  3. Right on, Karen. You’re doing something you love and sharing that love with others. I don’t think we need be concerned about you ever being bored. God Bless.

    • Thanks, Marie. Like you I’m never bored. Can’t imagine it. Life is so full of opportunities, isn’t it?

    • True. The kids have already requested ‘seconds’ on their favorites. I’m sure at some point I will begin repeating.

  4. What a giving thing to do! With the shopping, planning, cooking, driving, and clean up, that’s a big weekly gift. I know they truly appreciate it! Love in action for sure!

    • Thanks, Kristi. There is some work involved but so far it’s been fun to bless them in this practical way.

  5. Karen, that sounds wonderful. Maybe that could be your next book. “Grammy’s meal on wheels.” It could be part cook book and part joy in sharing your cooking with those you love.
    I make lots of soups. Also when we have a group I like to bake bread in my bread machine. Warm bread is always a hit.

    • I love the idea of using it as a book! Of course you’ll have to be sure recipes aren’t copyrighted.

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Pam. I like the idea of hot soup and homemade bread–especially during the winter. I’ll keep that in mind.

  6. I think it is wonderful that you are enjoying this act of love for your family. It is not something I would take on, even if my family lived close by. Cooking was not my favorite pass time.
    God bless those who love it. 🙂

    • I’ve always enjoyed cooking, though I know many people who don’t. Now that I’m living alone I feel the desire more keenly.

  7. Dear Karen How about flaked salmon over a salad of greens, beets, tomatoes,avocadoes,etc.(if they eat bread)a fresh sourdough baquette and butter. All the best. Dear Karen Love wendyxxxKathleens friendx

    • A lovely and delicious idea, Wendy, especially since we love salmon and salads and yummy bread and butter.

  8. Spot on! Grandma’s cooking is always preferable. If you have any leftovers, please bring them here! My teens wouldn’t even stay in the kitchen with what I made last night, lol! 😉

    • Columba, I can’t believe your meal chased your kids out of the kitchen! Karen, you are giving a wonderful gift of service and warm-baked love to Erin’s family. Bless you! I love reading your post as well as all the suggestions you’re receiving.

    • This makes me chuckle. When my kids were younger that probably happened in my kitchen too. I know I pulled a few stunts like that when my mother cooked for our family.

  9. Hi Karen, what a wonderful grammy you are! A nice cucumber salad is always quick and easy to fix and tasty, too: First, cut cucumber in cubes (of your favorite sizes,) put in a salad bowl, sprinkle salt, pepper (Chinese fine white pepper powder preferred – can be found in any Chinese grocery stores), a squirt of sesame seed oil, crushed fresh garlic (no more than two pieces) and finally some lemon juice. Stir and Serve! Delicious! Enjoy! Jing

    • Thank you, Jing. I will put your salad recipe on my list. I love that it’s easy and tasty.

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