Making Friends With My Shadow Self — 18 Comments

  1. Karen this is a wonderful post, and how much I have thought about my own shadow self. I just wrote a blog called Hypocrite, which will be published soon. I get this wrestling. I have always known you to be such a loving, honest saint of God. Thank you for sharing with your trademark transparency!

  2. Wow! I never thought about calling it “my shadow” when I have trouble forgiving, forgetting and accepting those who have disappointed me and seem to be difficult in communication! I guess I have a few shadows myself and I will work on them ! Thanks! We will lift each other up in our prayers. Yes, God loves each one of His creations! Love to you.

    • You’re right. It does take courage to be vulnerable, but the rewards for being so are rich, aren’t they?

    • Patti, thanks for commenting. I’m happy to know my words and insights have been a benefit to you.

  3. Dear Karen,
    Ditto to all the above. I, too, have been in that situation but what a relief to finally figure it out! I’m happy for you. We don’t always know when or whether our actions or comments help or heal.

    • Thank you, Marie. I appreciate hearing from you and that you have had a similar experience. I find that very encouraging.

  4. I like your statement that we become “…a full human being willing to lean into God for his grace and mercy for myself and for others.” It’s as we recognize our weakness that we rely on God for His strength and love. Thank you Karen, for sharing your processing.

  5. Another beautiful example of the human condition and the never failing remedy . There is a shadow person in all of us. Thanks Karen for that verse. We should all have it taped to our mirror .

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