Make Room For (Elder) Ducklings — 8 Comments

  1. Karen, part of the problem is our white hair! I’ve had the same experience. We have to keep showing them that someone still lives under that white roof. Enjoyed your post.

  2. I love this story of the ducklings. I have collected a few thru the years and now they have an entire different meaning. JOY to ya. Annetta

    • Thanks for your comment (quack, quack). I agree. It’s about how we see ourselves or more important, how God sees us.

  3. I loved that karen
    and enjoyed meeting you in Monterey. Great to know that there are others out there not just warming someone’s slippers!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Marion. I so enjoyed chatting with you and your husband at the bookie retreat. May you have a wonderful year of writing.

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