walletI remember the day my husband and I spent an hour searching for his wallet–in the weeds, along the curb, up and down the street, and all over the parking lot in front of the movie theater where we had watched a film. We returned to the ticket window too, but no one had turned it in.

What a bummer! We noticed it was missing when Charles reached into his back pocket to pay for our snack at a nearby coffee shop. “I know I had it,” he said, “where I always keep it.”

It was a sad ending to a happy date.  Finally we drove home and left the problem with God. We’d call the credit card companies and apply for a new driver’s license the next day.

But then, God came through in a most astounding way.  A phone message was waiting for us when we walked into our bedroom.  A man had called to say he’d found the wallet in the theater by his feet, had taken it home, and phoned right away, knowing the owner would probably be frantic. That’s for sure!

Charles returned his call immediately and arranged to meet the man. “I have a  $50 reward for you,” Charles said. The man was ecstatic. His wife needed some medical care and the estimate had been $50!

You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. (Psalm 18:28)






Lost and Found — 15 Comments

    • Karen, a great story and a great ending. I love how God meets needs all around. Funny. I was literally just sharing tonight how I’d lost a beautiful “butterfly” necklace of real jewels, which my husband had given me when I turned fifty. I had lost it from church to our car (without initially realizing it). I know we can’t place too much importance on material things, but God knew how much it meant to me that Michael had remembered me on my special day. Later, when we realized it was missing, Mike went back and found it, wedged into a crack in the sidewalk, where no one else would see it. It was like looking for a needle in a hatstack. I was so grateful to my generous husband and my more generous God.
      Thank you for sharing.

  1. Isn’t God awesome! Had a somewhat similar situation happen to me only in reverse. I went to a Morris Cerullo conference a number of years ago and when it was over, I went to the airline to go home. I ran into two ladies that had ome from my area back home and that were good friends of mine and my sister. I did not know that they had come to the mtg. What a shock to see them there. It was a bigger shock when they seemed to be upset. She had lost her purse, which contained her money and airfare. She was scared and did not know what to do. Her friend was not able to help her. I took her to an ATM and downloaded enough cash for airfare. She was blessed and said she would gladly pay me back when we got home. I told her she would do no such thing. I told her that it was as much a blessing to me to be involved in God’s divine connection. I am not sorry that I did so.

  2. Another wonder filled sharing Karen. GOD does work in mysterious ways for sure! How incredible that the needed funds were equal to the reward! A BIG lesson for us all here. You are SO appreciated and SO talented. I LOVE you my friend and look forward to our camping fun together soon!

  3. Karen, what a neat thing to share! And I loved reading the other stories in the comments sections too. God is such a PERSONAL God, isn’t He? “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me…” Hugs!

    • Yes, His eye is on the sparrow–and on each of us. Thanks for your comment, Kristi. Love hearing from you.

  4. What a delightful story! I’m so touched by the man who found the wallet. Instead of returning it, how easily he could have told himself that finding the wallet was the answer to his money needs. I love how God orchestrated this. Your husband had a need, the man had a need, the man gave, your husband gave, and both needs were met. Inspiring!

    • God surely orchestrates perfectly, doesn’t He? Thanks for getting in on the conversation, Grace.

  5. Karen, my husband has experienced this too. He lost his wallet at a store and the person who found it called us to tell us he sent it back to us in the mail. We received it the next day, money and credit cards in tact. What a blessing!

    • What a coincidence between Charles’ story and Doug’s. God takes care of us through generous and kind people.

  6. Thank’s for your wonderful testimonies Karen! God is always there, especially when things look hopeless. He’s always on time..God bless you, & yours real good!

    • Thanks, Cathy. How good to hear from you. Hope you are feeling well now and that Walter is fine too. Yes, God always comes through!

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