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  1. I love this, Karen, and I have thought of you and Charles and your trip all day today!!! I would like to visit Ireland also but I know that will not be possible. SO, I just enjoy pictures of that beautiful land! The wife of the writer of today’s Daily Guideposts Devotional is from Ireland and he too, loves Ireland. His favorite Irish song is “Danny Boy” wonder if it is because his name is Daniel? Smile. Margaret

    • Thank you, Margaret. My dad’s favorite song was “Danny Boy,” as well. We continue to enjoy the daily devotional you sent us awhile ago with photos and sayings related to Ireland. We love it!

  2. Karen your writing was so vivid that I could smell the scones and fresh bread! The picture of you and Charles at the top of the castle looking out at beautiful Ireland brought joy to my heart.I am living vicariously through your travels. God bless you and Charles!

    • Thanks, Sandy. It really was a trip of a lifetime. I’m happy you can enjoy it vicariously.

    • Thank you, Michele. It was a special day for our family. We enjoyed a real Irish meal at our daughter’s house last night.

  3. Ah! Karen, My thoughts have gone back today over many years to my youth on the Emerald Isle! I am so very Irish in many ways and so much removed …… it is all in Divine Order right now and today!
    Our ancestors were there and had a fine relationship as we are fortunate today to be blessed with our rich sharings. Our friendship reaches over many eons and barriers …. some religious and some geographical …. and we are so very blessed to be vibrant and alive with our love for each other and our deep connection with our faith and Spititual awareness.
    Happy St. Patrick’s day to you all. Hope you didn’t get pinched!!

    • Thank you, Kathleen, for his lovely tribute to our friendship and to the dear Emerald Isle. I’m so happy we have this connection with you.

  4. Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day. I too thought about my trip to Ireland–what a dream come true. I did wear my Connemara Marble Celtic cross that I bought there in honor of my trip!

    • Lovely to hear from you, Mary. Ireland is such a magic land, isn’t it? I long to return. My husband bought a Celtic cross too and wears it daily.

  5. Thanks , Karen, for shaing your pictures and memories of Ireland with us. That made my day as I’m only a mix of Northern European with some Irish but don’t have any direct connection to Ireland. Kai and I used to go to Wales and England to teach at a Bible school when we first married, but have never made it to Ireland so that is still on my wish list. Blessings to you and Charles,

    • Thanks, Bev. It’s always good to hear from you. I hope you and Kai do have the opportunity to visit Ireland some day. It’s a place you won’t soon forget. Blessings to you and Kai and Zach too.

  6. Karen, you made me want to visit Ireland and take you as a tour guide. Your tasteful and inviting description of a place dear to your heart made me “green” with intrigue.
    Thanks for continuing to teach me to observe the world around me, show not tell, and write about what I love. Smiles, BRC

    • Beth, how wonderful to hear from you. I appreciate your kind comment. I remember you well as a prize student. I’d love to hear what is going on in your world. Send me an email, please.

  7. Since I am 50% Irish, I would love to go to Ireland. What a trip that would be. It’s beautiful country. Although I’ve never been there, like you, I can visit there through pictures. Oh the stories that are probably floating around inside your head, fictional AND nonfictional. 🙂 I leave you with an old Irish blessing:

    May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun hine warm upon your face,
    And the rain fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

    God bless you and Charles.

    • Jim, thank you for sharing the Irish blessing. It is one of my favorites. May you receive the same blessing in return and I hope one day your feet will touch ‘the old sod’!

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