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    • Nancy, I appreciate your kind words of sympathy. I realize you know from your own experience how this time is for us. I heard from Carol. Thanks for sharing the news with her. She was very caring.

  1. Oh, Karen, this kind of wisdom comes at such a high price, doesn’t it? Charles has been blessed to have you for 35 years, and never more than during this final walk together. You are such a witness. Bless you.
    Hugs, Kristi

    • Thank you, Virelle. God is good–all the time and we very aware of it at this time. I appreciate your love and care. I love you too.

  2. Your Strength and Peace comes from The LORD, as you well know. Your witness of HIS Strength in and through you are Blessings and Inspirational to all of us who love you and Charles as well as your readers. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both and all those who love you.

    Your brother, in Christ.


    • Thank you, Jay. It was so good to share Christmas with you and Linda, especially during this tender time in our lives.

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey, and the value of silence and loving touch. May God continue to guide you through this season. Know how deeply you and Charles are loved.

    • Thank you, Carol. You and Don mean so much to us. We know you are here for us and we appreciate it.

  4. Dear Karen,
    Sometimes silence is the most comforting thing we can give. Silent tears help also. I like the story of the little boy who visited with his neighbor each day, sat in the swimg with him. (forgive me but I feel certain I have shared this with you before )Anyway the man’s wife died. The little boy went over and sat in the swing with him for a long time. When he returned home his mother asked him what he had said to his friend. Her son said, ” I didn’t say anything. I just helped him cry”! That is the what I am doing now thinking how sad I am to lose my friend of 70 years
    ( since November 1944) and tears of love for YOU !yet at the same time I am grateful I have so many wonderful memories with Charles and later years with you! Most importantly I am shedding tears of gratitude that I know where Charles will be when it is time for him to leave this planet!! God has blest the two of you with much happiness and you will have a lot of memories to cherish.
    Love to you. Margaret

    • Margaret, you always have such loving comments and examples. Thank you for being such a good friend to both Charles and me.

  5. You are the genuine article Mom. I love how you grow through each season of change and how you express love. You are my role model and my friend. I love you and I love Charles. Peace.

    • Thank you, Julie. What a blessing it is to be mom and daughter and the dearest of friends. I treasure you and the love and support you give without measure. We love you.

  6. Karen, what a role model you are to me, once more. In such difficult times departing from your love of 35 years, you not only stay strong in faith with God, but also continue to enlighten others’ life by sharing what you learned … value of silence … that words cannot match … but a loving touch … a kiss … a gentle pat on the back … a hand to hold … oh, Karen, what a beautiful mind and wondrous heart you have … Thank you so very much for teaching me so much through your extraordinary communicating talent. My prayers for you. Jing

    • Thank you, Jing. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement and humbled to think I have added to your life.

  7. I am so sorry Karen thanks for sharing. I do the same thing with my husband, although he had to go to a Nursing Home. he is stuck in a silent world of Parkinson however, he does talk to me on his good days. God be with you both in a mighty & powerful way!

    • Mary, we seem to be walking a similar path. I pray that God blesses and strengthens you, as well as your dear husband.

  8. Karen, my heart and prayers are with you both. I also found with Norm that the loving touch was essential – much more so than mere words. God Bless you and keep you under His protective wing.

    • Thank you, Marie. You have always been a role model to me, the way you carried on and built your writing career despite the loss of your dear Norm. I’m remembering with a smile the experience you shared about the matching fishing vests! Bless you and your writing all through 2015 and beyond.

  9. In a spirit of true empathy, may I offer no words right now, but just heartfelt love and tenderness to both you and Charles.
    your best heartner.

    • Lynni, thank you for your dear message. I feel your love and tenderness, sweet ‘heartner.’

  10. I love you, my sweet friend! I’ve gained such wisdom and knowledge from you. I know Charles is in good hands—with you and His heavenly Father by his side. Know that you both are in my prayers.

    • Thank you, Sherry. I love you too. This is a tender time. I’m paying attention to what God is doing in both of our lives.

  11. Karen,

    What a lovely gift to give your husband…

    offering him your gentle hand and
    quietly walking him into God’s presence.

    May God give you beautiful views and sweet memories
    as you take this the journey together.

    You will be in my prayers.

    From my heart,
    Smiles, BRC

    • Beth, thanks for your kind words and prayers. The support of friends is so strengthening. And you are certainly among my friends.

  12. I have been down the path you are on. More than 15 years ago my husband slowly approached the end of his life. He would often say he was looking forward to being with the Lord, but did not want to leave me. I remember telling him that in heaven there is no “time” so the time between when he gets there and I join him will be “no time at all”.
    Now I think of him enjoying the presence of the Lord and that gives me joy!. My prayers are with you and your husband on your journey!!.

    • Etta Mae, thank you for sharing this encouraging story of your own experience. I will treasure it and share it with Charles.

  13. Karen, what you wrote is so touching. You are such a wonderful, warm, sensitive, loving person. I would want you to be at my side when it’s time for me to go. Charles is so lucky to have you by his side, caring and just being you. Love you. I am available to you when you need me.

    • Thank you, Roz. What loving words you shared. They are humbling to read. I appreciate your being available. I will be sure to call on you when the need arises. I love you too, my friend.

  14. Karen, how lucky Charles is to have such a loving wife as you are. My thoughts and prayers are with the both of you during this journey.

    • Many thanks, Mary, for understanding my journey–not unlike one you’ve traveled before.

  15. My sweet Jesus in heaven, here my plea, in your precious and matchless name I pray for comfort for my friend, colleague, and mentor throughout this year as she brings comfort to her loving husband Charles. Lord, it breaks my heart to hear of eminent departure this life. Lord you see my tears as I think and pray for them. Lord I pray for a peaceful passing when you come for his spirit. Give Karen the strength to go through this time in her life. Lord surround them in your love, peace, and knowledge of what is to come to a time when we all must lay down this Earthly vessel. Lord, I thank you SO much for putting Karen into my life as a friend and mentor. I’m enriched because of it. Thank you Lord. In your previous name, amen.

  16. Hi Karen, Your words are so beautifully written with such grace and unselfishness. Charles is blessed to have you as his loving partner. You inspire me.

    • Thank you, Pam. How lovely to hear from you. I appreciate your friendship and your caring words.

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