As I write this blog, I am about to leave for a week of camping and hiking in the Sierra Mountains with a group of women friends. We’ve been at this for more than twenty years. Our leader is 84 and still doin’ her thing.

We enjoy potluck meals, campfires, games, and I lead a journal-writing session once or twice a week depending on the interest. It’s always a time of refreshment and fun. And we may even encounter a bear or two and some deer as well as ground squirrels who like to steal a few crumbs.

This year, I go with a heavy heart after all the shootings and terror attacks. I imagine you are feeling the heaviness too. And to think that people actually commit these evil acts in the name of God or Allah, or whatever word they use to denote their higher power.

Persecutions and wars and punishment and death and famine have gone on throughout history. But now the intensity and frequency seems to be ramping up.

I feel at a loss when I watch the images on television and hear the reports. But then these words from Psalm 34 come to me:

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and he saves those whose spirits have been crushed.”

At such a time what else can we do but pray and remain under the shadow of his wing.

I will respond to your comments when I return next weekend. May the peace of the Lord keep you safe and steady.



In God’s Name — 12 Comments

  1. So true my friend. We all feel this sadness. I hope that being on the top of the mountains will lift your spirits. It is wonderful to know that the Lord is “not slack concerning His promises” He said ” Lo I am with you always” for one thing and many others that bring peace to my soul when I dwell on them. Have a wonderful camping trip. God bless and protect you !!!

  2. Our hearts have all been heavy with the prevalence of evil going on around the world. Your scripture from Psalm 34 is precious and I pray it for so many who are grieving. Have a wonderful time camping and bring renewed in the beauty of Good creation.

  3. You are so fortunate to be able to do the things you do!I admire anyone who can go camping as it seems like it would be so much fun HOWEVER, I am someone who would rather sleep in a bed in a house! HA! My family did enjoy eating at the picnic tables in the Smokey Mountains, cooking bacon, eggs, toast and using the home made jelly I had made, AND we saw a few bears, but I slept in a motel!! I really do admire you, Karen, and I pray you can keep doing this hiking and camping for many, many years to come.
    The sadness has been overwhelming and all I feel I can do is pray while thanking God for His presence even during tragedies and for giving us Peace in our hearts in spite of the heartache, tears and grief! He is always with us and if we don’t feel Him it is because WE moved!
    Happy days and nights to you! Margaret

    • Thank you, Margaret. I love what you said at the end of your comment. If we don’t feel God’s presence, we have moved, not God!

  4. Yes, it’s a hard and heavy time for us. I ache for all those who have been and will be hurt by cruel people. I hope your camping trip helps you forget, at least for awhile, the horrors going on in the world. Camp, hike, take in the beautiful nature that will be surrounding you, and enjoy your bear and squirrel encounters, as you share the natural area with them 😉

    • Thanks, Lynn. I’ll be posting about my camping experience on Monday’s blog.

  5. karen, your camping group sounds wonderful!! it’s always good to get close to nature. The beauty of God’s world is ours to enjoy, so enjoy and tell us all about it.

    • Thanks, Mary. It was, as always, a spiritual experience to be among God’s flowers and trees and wild creatures. I’ll be posting details in Monday’s blog.

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