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  1. Hi Karen, beautiful Story. You make a simple ride into the woods exciting and meaningful.You have a marvelous skill with words Karen. God bless you and Charles.

  2. ….and now you and Charles are on yet another adventure discovering the places and spaces that gave birth to so much music in our spiritual awakening and from all those years ago in England! Ah! More stories to be told Dear Karen. You do have the gift!
    Loved these ones about the ancient trees. I am grateful to have had close up experiences with them also.
    LOVE and Blessings to you both as you enJOY each day……

    • Thanks, Kathleen. Home yesterday and getting back to our routine, as we reflect on all that we experienced. It was so special. I’ll be writing about it soon.

    • Thanks, Joy. We just returned from another wonderful trip with Mount Hermon–this time to England to visit the homes and churches of the great hymn composers. It was truly an amazing experience.

  3. Great insight—the way we value age in one context and not our own. It is a shift in perspective to see our own faces as showing beauty when they gather lines rather than seeing the lines as evidence of loss.

    So glad you told me to check your blog and to dig deeper. These are wonderful.


    • Thanks, Julie. It means a lot to me that you are reading my writing and tapping into my thoughts.

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