How Important Is It? — 19 Comments

  1. I’d say you faced the problem with your usual dignity and grace. Also you’ve proven that we usually “get what we pay for.”


    • So true. We get what we pay for, but today even the ‘cheapies’ seem expensive to me. Thanks for your compliment.

  2. So many of us are blessed with “creature comforts” that most throughout the world will never have. Thanks for the reminder that little inconveniences don’t matter in the grand scheme of things! we ARE blessed beyond measure! Eucharisteo!

  3. That is a funny story! Although I’m sure at the time it wasn’t. It’s great reminder that we are blessed with many creature comforts here in the US, and to be thankful.

  4. Karen, your making-lemonade spirit is so precious. Counting our blessings is easier said than done. I loved your instantaneous gracious attitude! A great moral lesson for me to learn. (I tend to get upset when even little something goes out of order / unexpected …) Thank you so much, for sharing and modeling. Jing

  5. GREAT take-away, Karen. We truly are a blessed people who need to look for more to be thankful for. “Whatever is true…noble…right…pure…lovely.. admirable…praiseworthy…think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

  6. It was an adventure and a source of a great story! But your perspective was the best and such a role model.

    Now you are camping in the mountains with other vibrant strong ladies, in sleeping bags and tents. You know how to live! I love you.

    • Thank you, dear daughter. I love you too, and it was fun sharing the adventure with you–and the ‘life lesson.’

  7. Karen, you are such a great writer. You pulled me in right away. Your experience is a good lesson in our creature comforts. But I’m afraid I probably would tolertate one night but wouldnt have stayed a second night. But that’s just me….

    Thank you for making us think about our personal comforts.


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