He Has Risen — 12 Comments

  1. Karen, so glad you are cherishing the quiet times to reflect on the things that matter most, knowing your Charles is already enjoying the presence of God, and that we will follow. May God continue to carry you, to give you peace in the midst of loss, and to renew your joy.

    • Thank you, Carol. I’ve been given a cup of grace to overflowing in this new season of life. And you and Don are part of what God has given me.

  2. “Joy in your journey” – I love that! Thank you for your testimony to the hope we walk with. You are a wonderful example. Love you, my friend. May joy walk with you.

    • Thank you, Michele. I appreciate your comments. I am walking in joy even as I grieve.

  3. Karen you are such an inspiritational writer. I always enjoy reading your articles. Remember you are loved by many. Have a good week!

    • Mary, thank you for your warm comments. It’s lovely to hear from you and I really appreciate your continued encouragement.

  4. Things keep changing as we grow and God is not finished with you yet. It will be exciting to see what He has in store for you in the future.

    • Thank you, Janet. You always have such uplifting comments for me. It was wonderful to see and hug you at the MH conference.

  5. Dear Karen, I love your courageous and upbeat spirit, and your positive outlook. Thank you for being my role model and teacher. What you said hit home with me: ” … as we take stock of what it looks like when we don’t keep a predictable routine.”

    — That was my problems. I had trouble letting go of my perception of predictable routine. As the result of it, for example, at this past Mt Hermon Writers Conference I became sad, almost depressed, when I saw a few last year’s friends struck with health issues … and quite a few others’ rapid physical changing … Now I know I should take stock as it looks like instead of holding on to keeping predictable routine. I realize I should understand the inevitability of the worldly/earthly matters such as illness and aging and turn my eyes upon Jesus for guidance. For hope. For eternal peace He sacrificed to make it possible for us to have. God bless you, my dear teacher Karen. Jing

    • Jing, you always have such insightful responses that you apply to your own life. Bless you as you carry on with life and writing and following Jesus.

  6. Karen you seem like a person that can take change and look at it as a new beginning-this is great! I, too, hung on to the Easter message this year. I didn’t hear from my children, although they were in the same town. I had gone to church Sunday night and my cell phone rang. it was my oldest son, wishing me a happy Easter and telling me he loved me. You are right, everything has changed for both of us and there is no more family dinners for now. The nursing home is where I go and feed Bob and brush his teeth, but I can still see him. Karen you are a great inspiration to all of us. Thank you for the good things you right.

    • Thank you, Mary. Things really change when illness interrupts our lives. I’m so happy your son called you and expressed his love. I will see my son and daughters next weekend when we hold the Celebration of Life for Charles. I’m a bit nervous but happy too, to be able to provide closure for family and friends and for me, though Charles will always be alive in my heart.

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