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  1. Welcome to my world Karen. I have my computer desk COVERED in post-it notes. Sometimes I forget things so I write myself little notes, Scriptures, or things to do. Then they get buried and I forget them anyway. Lol lol. I love my phone and use it most of the time as opposed to my computer. When I write, I use my computer, however. I have Bible software that helps me, but you’re right, nothing like that hard bound copy. Of course I have a Kindle Fire and small Kindle, and a Nook. Just bought a tablet. (Why) Have no idea. Taking it back. Lol. What was I thinking. The tech world is hard to do. What in the world did we do before computers and phones. Oooo, parish the thought. Lol lol.

  2. Wow, Karen, Mother and I always lament that paper is the bane of our existence! Sometimes I am drowning in it…….and books! Ah, books! I do love to read, but sometimes I need to stop reading and start doing……like cleaning up all that paper! =]
    Thanks for this simple reminder.

    • Thanks for commenting, Lynni. You and your mom and Charles share the same habit. Charles is as neat as a pin–but surrounded by ‘neat’ piles of paper!!

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