It’s one of those weeks . . . God Bless My Senior Moments

A few friends and I are up to our necks in senior moments. Maybe you can relate to one or two of them.

Sour cream on oatmeal does not taste nearly as good as vanilla yogurt.

I phoned a friend and when she answered I asked to speak to the manager. Oops!

Looked all over the house for my lip balm–about to buy a new one when I reached into the pocket of my bathrobe for a tissue–and yes, there it was.

It helps to turn the iron ON before ironing clothes. No more pressing clothes while watching TV.  COLD PRESS is for olive oil not for shirts.

I locked myself out of the house! Thank heaven the bedroom window is open. Now if I can just climb through without breaking a bone.

Bank tellers don’t accept checks for department store payments? Really?

Suntan lotion or sunscreen? There is a difference as I can attest to with my red nose.

What is that book doing on my shelf? It belongs to the public library. Oh no! Three months overdue.

Help us feel better. Share one of your senior moments, please! 

“Don’t worry—I am with you. Don’t be afraid—I am your God. I will make you strong and help you. I will support you with my right hand that brings victory.”

(Isaiah 42:10 ERV)








God Bless My Senior Moments! — 14 Comments

  1. The volunteers all had red shirts on for the fund raiser. Being the chairman of the event I wondered why they were all dressed alike. I looked at the workers and said, “I didn’t get the memo that we were to wear red.”
    They all looked at me, laughed and said, “You were the one who told us to wear this!” Oooops. Senior moment.

  2. A friend emailed me yesterday and asked if I had read Jan Karon’s book “Someplace Safe, Someone to Love” and I emailed her that the name sounded VERY familiar but for some reason I could not remember if I had read it or not?! Tonight I asked Tanya ( my daughter) about it and she said, ” Mom, I gave you that book last Christmas”! She went to the bookcase and brought it to me. OOPS ! Now I remember!! I have read so many books since Christmas I still could not remember reading the book until I started looking thru it and YES ! I DO remember and I just loved it!
    Love you too !

    • Great senior moment, Margaret. I do the same thing with movies. Sometimes I get to the end before realizing I’ve seen them before!

  3. I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve misplaced an item…and I’m not even a Senior yet. Thanks for sharing your humor with us Karen!

    • I call those ‘junior moments.’ You’re practicing for the senior days! 🙂

  4. Lol…I’m still giggling Karen!

    Senior Moments? What’s that?

    Just turned 50…in denial and not divulging my “pre”-senior moments just yet. Oh, but I can relate, how I can relate!!

    Now, what were we talking about?

    Smiles, BRC

  5. I just have to add that Vanilla Coffee Creamer does not taste good on cereal either!.
    Senior moments help us remember we are still alive. That is what I tell myself. 🙂 Thanks Karen you are wonderful gift to all of us.

    • Thanks, Etta Mae, for adding your senior moment and for your kind words. Good thing we can laugh at our own slip-ups.

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