Giving Thanks in All Things — 15 Comments

  1. Love this post Karen. Love you and all your loved ones including your faithful followers here!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all. We do have much to be thankful for indeed. We are SO blessed.

  2. Yes, those are great reminders. In the midst of tragedy, God is still good and takes such great care of us. I’m so grateful for his love, grace, provision and redemption!

  3. We are so blessed to have so many good friends and family. I feel so thankful that God loves me, it takes my breath away when I look at his wondrous creations.

    • I’m with you on that, Lynn. When things are tough, a simple walk outdoors can restore our perspective.

  4. When I lose myself and think of others who are in such pain and heartbreaking situations it makes me feel guilty to even think of the pain I may have at times and the difficulties that I may be going through because I know without a doubt that God is always with me and regardless of my circumstances I am among the most blessed people on earth! I cannot count the things for which I am thankful. Just the fact that I can read your inspiring and wise words and send you a response is a real blessing! Everyday is a blessing. I am adopting the saying: “no complaints, just thanks”! sometimes I may “slip” a little, after all, I am a human being! smile!
    I pray our hearts may be filled with Thanksgiving every day!
    Blessings to all! Margaret

  5. What a beautiful comment, Margaret. I love your slogan, “no complaints, just thanks.’ Our pastor said recently that people who are grateful and generous, according to his experience and research, are happier and healthier and lead more satisfying lives–regardless of the circumstances. I have found that to be true, as well.

  6. So well written, Karen. Many times in our life we have offered the sacrifice of praise when there seemed little to be thankful for. In those times we have had to look harder and dig deeper which may, in fact, be exactly what God desired us to do. This year, despite all that is happening around us, we are personally reaping the harvest of many prayers and tears sown. Thank you for your words of encouragement. God is faithful, we are grateful.

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