Giving Thanks For What We Take For Granted — 10 Comments

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  1. I could not express it any better-nor as well! Sounds like a typical day for many that I know but for me, since I am retired, I have more time to just relax and really think of all these things we take for granted. I look out the sliding glass doors from the den and thank God for the Palm tree with its beautiful branches swaying in the wind and I know HE is there with every sway! GOODNESS, there is NO WAY we could ever thank HIM enough nor name our blessings. Thank you, Karen, for the reminder!
    Blessings with gratitude for all. margaret

  2. Thank you, Margaret. I’m glad you’re safe in Florida. Your state has taken quite a beating lately but there are still so many gifts to be grateful for–namely life itself. Bless you.

  3. Hi Karen, Every Christian should read this blog. You are so right, the amount of things we take for granted is crazy. Since I am getting older, my body parts are wearing out. The Lord has kept this ole body going for 74 years and I am wondering as I read your blog trying to remember the amount of times I have thanked Jesus for this ole body; for my eyes, ears, nose, touch, and my mouth. (I probably could have used my mouth a little less and my ears more but that’s another comment.) Thanks for the reminder. I am including my thanks in my daily quiet time from now on. GBY real good Karen.

  4. Thanks, Jim. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. Like you, I am giving thanks daily for all that I pay attention to and for the things I often overlook. God is good all the time.

  5. Nice reminder, Karen. I am grateful for my friendship with you, grateful for each day alive and most grateful for a God of Grace who never leaves us. love, Heidi

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