From the Gilroy Garlic Festival


I love ’em but I only eat them at the annual County Fair in September. People don’t want to get near me after that so I save the treat for the end of the day just before going home. I wouldn’t pass up this opportunity, however, because garlic is good for you and all that is good comes from God.

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31

Also, according to a report on WebMD, “A new study shows red blood cells process compounds from digested garlic and turn them into the cell messenger hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow. Therefore, eating garlic may increase our natural supply of this vital chemical and play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease.”

To me this is great news. I know that God cares about our well being and provides the natural foods that keep us healthy. So when I hear about a food that offers good health and good taste, I’m interested in learning more.

I first heard of garlic’s health properties from my husband, a man who likes garlic so much that he once claimed if there was such a thing as garlic ice cream he’d stand in line for it. I’m not willing to go that far. A few years ago he had a chance to make good on his claim. We attended the Garlic Festival in a town near our home and sure enough a vendor was selling garlic ice cream. Charles backed off. “Maybe next year!”

Enjoy this informative You Tube with Sandra Lee from Food Network on how to prepare garlic fries. Yum!



Garlic Fries — 10 Comments

  1. It’s good to be reminded that the good/healthy that is provided for us is also tasty! I love garlic, to the point of eating it raw. I didn’t know about the heart-health of it, so thanks for even more excuse to eat garlic! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lynn. I’ve heard garlic is a very fine food, healthy too. It’s cleansing to the system and adds flavor. We live not far from Gilroy–home of the Garlic Festival! So we have plenty of it around here.

  2. Northern Chinese cooking is very big on fresh garlic. I sizzle garlic slices in the cooking oil for a second or two before I stir the vegetables in. I also eat garlic raw when I have my hand-made multi-grained pasta with fresh tomato sauce, just like I did today. (Yes, I make sure it’s the day I stay away from people). Crushed fresh garlic also makes tasty sauce for dipping my hand-make pot-stickers with vinegar and sesame seed oil. Thanks Karen, for writing about something I know well. It makes me feel good, even special.

    • Thank you, Jing. Your cooking sounds wonderful. I can almost smell and taste it. Enjoy this beautiful gift God gave you. You are special!

  3. Karen, a Garlic Festival? Never heard of that.

    Sounds interesting and tasty and no one would complain about anyone’s bad breath. You could eat garlic for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    Wouldn’t that be awesome? Might have to add that to my bucket list. 🙂

    Smiles, BRC

    • Congrats on appearing at the Fair. We won’t make it this year. Charles has a medical procedure scheduled on Tues. and will be at Dominican Hospital overnight. But hope all goes well for you. I miss seeing you.

  4. Karen I am hungry for some garlic fries now! I think I’d like to make my own garlic fries. Thank you so much for all of your inspirational writing. Bless you my friend.

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