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  1. Karen, what a wise thing to do!! thank you for sharing this.
    I could not help but smile as I thought of something that one of my sisters told me. She lived close to Paducah and had been to the hospital to see a sick friend. On her way homme she was pulled over by a policeman. He told her she had run a red light and asked what she was thinking about!! She said she had been to the hospital to see a very good friend who was very sick and to tell the truth, she was praying! He just sort of shook his head and told her next time pull off the road to pray!! He did not give her a ticket because he said he knew she was telling the truth!
    May we remember to pray for all drivers~we never know what is on their mind nor why they are driving so fast!

    Thanks again. Margaret

    • What a lovely example of my post about praying in traffic. Perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Karen, you really inspire me. What a wonderful image to have God as my front-seat passenger, praying for peace and calm. Wow, I will definitely do that. Thank you so very much, Karen, for reminding me of the practice of the presence of God while driving, which tends to intensify me.

  3. Karen, wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing it. It’s so easy to get impatient when driving and to think of Jesus in the seat beside us certainly puts a different perspective on it. When I lived in LA the traffic was crazy. I started consciously choosing to forgive the careless, speeding drivers or those who cut me off. Doing that helped me let go of the tension and the anger, and made my driving much more pleasant and peaceful…and kept Jesus in the seat beside me!

    • Thanks for your comment, Carol. I love what you shared. I’m very familiar with L.A. traffic and it seems to be more intense with each year. Prayer is a good way to keep our cool and bring other drivers, as well as ourselves, before the Lord.

  4. I have found that more times than not I have no chance at all of getting where I want to go unless I pray. Dangerous out there most of the time. On the way home from late dinner tonight about 8:00, some pedestrian gotbut by a car. I think he was ok but there were three cars that had stopped and we’re going the young man. Lots of people out there who are not careful, not paying attention, or txt’ing, or talking on phone. You have a great plan there Karen. God bless you as you drive in California.

    • Thanks, Jim. I agree. It’s a challenge to drive in some cities. Prayer keeps our mind where it should be–on the Lord as he guides our driving. May he keep all of us safe.

  5. Sorry for typo. I swype to fast and don’t check sometimes before hit send. It was supposed to read, the pedestrian got hit, not gotbut. Sorry.

    • No problem. I just found a typo in my recent summer newsletter that I totally overlooked when I edited it. Ugh!

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