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    • Thanks, Jim. I count on your friendship too, dear brother in Christ.

  1. What a fun way to cruise through life together: on the friend ship. I so appreciate your being first a mentor, now a friend for a number of years! You are a first-rate mate, Karen, and my dear heartner to boot! Thank you for your friendship!

  2. That was from the heart Karen and so beautifully expressed. So glad to be on board with you as we journey through these precious times together. Thank you for all your loving support and sincere friendship. Keep on sailing!!

    • Thanks, Kathleen. I love your use of my metaphor!! Let’s keep sailing together.

  3. What a beautiful illustration of true friendship! I’ve learned that friendships, to flourish, must be cultivated. Sometimes we get too busy with life that we neglect to cultivate the friendships that help us to thrive. In these empty nest years, I’m taking the time to renew them.

    • Great to read your insight about friendship, Michele. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. “If our fellowship below in Jesus be so sweet, what height of rapture shall we know when round His throne we meet!”
    Charles Wesley
    Thank you for sharing your sweet fellowship Karen. Smiles!

    • Love this quote, Beth. Thanks for sharing it. Perfect for this time as my brother-in-law passed away on Monday and we will be remembering his dear friendship to our family at his memorial later this month.

  5. Karen, I am real happy that “my life boat” is still attached to your Friend Ship. I do thank God for that.

    • Thanks for your kind note, Mary. I continue to hope that we will be with one another in person some day before too long. Our door is always open and we have a lovely guest room for you to enjoy.

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