I follow a daily blog written by Richard Rohr, O.F.M., a Franciscan friar ordained to the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church in 1970. Currently he directs The Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. www.cac.org

On May 22 of this year he highlighted the following hallmarks of the Secular Franciscan Order, based on the rule of St. Francis, which to me, if one lives by them, would experience true freedom in Christ. This is what I aspire to—and I find I must make a daily recommitment to put the Gospel first in everything I think, say, and do.

Richard-Rohr_home-viewFather Rohr says these hallmarks “can be claimed and practiced by anyone.”

 During the month of July, when our country focuses on the freedom we enjoy because of those who put their lives on the line to ensure it, perhaps it is a good time to consider practicing the following spiritual principles to ensure our spiritual and emotional freedom, as well.

  • Simplicity: “There is no pretense in the Franciscan Spirituality. We who live by the Rule of St. Francis strive to be the genuine article, that is, people who do not care much for fame or wealth–people who live in simplicity.”
  • Poverty: “Love of Gospel poverty develops confidence in the Father and creates internal freedom.”
  • Humility: “The truth of what and who we really are in the eyes of God; freedom from pride and arrogance.”
  • A genuine sense of minority: “The recognition that we are servants, not superior to anyone.”
  • A complete and active abandonment to God: “Trusting in God’s unconditional love.”
  • Conversion: “Daily we begin again the process of changing to be more like Jesus.”
  • Transformation: “What God does for us, when we are open and willing.”
  • Peacemaking: “We are messengers of peace as Francis was.”

Oh to live such a life-style on a consistent basis. I’m going to make it a priority. Would you like to do so, as well?



Free to Be–in Christ — 5 Comments

  1. Karen, he has a wonderful face – very warm, genuine, peaceful. I don’t know that I’ve seen a photo of him before. These tenets are a wonderful challenge. Thank you!

  2. Karen, this is wonderful! Thank you.
    Henri J.M. Nouwen was the man who brought a lot of ‘insight’ into my life way back in the early 80’s. He is deceased~I am sure you have head of him. I have enjoyed his devotional book: “Bread For The Journey”. He wrote several books and all were great. I loaned my copy to a retired minister and his wife and she brought it back within a week and I did not think they had kept it long enough to read it and before I could ask she said they liked it so well they bought a copy for themselves so they could read it every day. I especially liked his devotion on the explanation on the importance of church !

    Love to you. Margaret

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