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  1. Very cute! Made me laugh and I do have a friend who could use a class for all things computer. Do you know of any classes around our area?

    • Thanks, Lynn. I don’t know of classes other than through Apple. But I don’t have the details. Probably a search on would reveal something.

    • Thanks, Barb. I miss working with you. Thanks for all the great years we had polishing my writing and seeing it published.

  2. LOVE IT! However, I do admit that it does bother me to see so many young people AND OLDER ONES TOO sitting together, working their fingers and not talking to each other nor looking outside at the beauty God has given to us. I also admit I would be lost without my computer and email’s !! Big smile!!
    I admit that I just do not understand how we know what the letters of the alphabet mean when you sign off from texting someone. For instance, it seems to me LOL should mean “lots of love”. I had no idea it meant “laugh out loud”! Apparently I am not the only one because I heard of a lady whose friend sent her a text to tell her of a death in the family and when she responded to her she signed it LOL ? Another easy one to have a double meaning is BFF-“best friends forever ” or “Big fat fanny” ? Oh, well, as long as we have a great sense of humor we will be okay!!
    Thanks for the laughter in this one !! LOL and BFF- choose the ones you want! Love to you. Margaret
    “laughter is good medicine-it says so in the Bible”

    • Thanks, Margaret. Yes, computers and texting and Internet slang have really changed our conversation! (or lack of it) 🙂

  3. Karen, I forgot to mention that when I asked my daughter how we are supposed to know what the letters stand for, she simply said: ” How did you know what “swak” meant that you used to put on the back of your envelopes? ” There may be someone reading this that does not know it means “sealed with a kiss” but I have no clue who made it up!! Margaret

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