Finding God in Our Grandchildren — 8 Comments

    • Thanks, Carol. Right now Liam, no longer little, is studying for a semester in France. His mom will be flying over this week for a visit.

  1. What a wonderful memory! I think Liam is very handsome and of course all of your children and grandchildren are “beautiful”. I can’t think of a special God moment with any of my grandchildren other than my first grandchild, Heather, lived in the same town with me and she loved going to church with me and would draw the furniture on one of my note pads ! We had antique chairs where the minister and associate sat and they were beautiful and ornate. She wrote me a note and said she wished she could spend every weekend with me. This was when she was about six years old and would you believe I still have those notes?? I looked at them again this week when I found them in the pocket of one of my journals. She is now 45 years old!! What a treasure!
    Enjoy your children and “grands”! They are precious in our sight and even more precious in God’s sight!
    Love with blessings to you! Margaret
    P.S. Happy Birthday this week-I think it is the 8th?

    • Thanks, Margaret, for sharing your story about Heather. My oldest ‘grand’ turns 30 in June. How amazing. I remember him so clearly as an infant. Seems that was last week! 🙂 And thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. Yes, the 8th of April.

  2. What a sweet story. As a grandma of 8 grandchildren, I am always in awe of them. Living in Mississippi we do not get much snow and when a few flakes fall everyone goes snow crazy!!!
    When my Abigail was around 4 years old, one winter morning she said, grandma I want it to snow. I told her to ask Jesus for some snow. A
    couple of weeks later, let me tell you, it snowed-beautiful snow that covered everything. I then remembered Abigail praying for snow and reminded her of this. She was happy-happy-happy and also reminded her to thank Jesus for the snow.
    I just love these “God moments” and they sure increase my faith. If only everyone could have the faith of a child. God knows and God cares.

    Also last week, my daughter was busy with her housework and 6 year old Matthew told her, Mom smile because God loves you and we are supposed to smile. Melted her heart and mine

  3. What special ‘grandma’ stories that illustrate God’s love and care. I really appreciate your dropping by and commenting, Joyce.

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