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  1. Karen,
    Such a treat to read about thinning lips and what to do about them! As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect!” If you know of anyone of the opposite sex who could benefit by some similar ‘practice’ ……send ’em my way!!

  2. I love it! Won’t Don be surprised when I grab him for 20 seconds before he leave at 5AM tomorrow! I always kiss him goodbye, too….but not usually for 20 seconds that early! I’ll give you credit! 🙂 Jerri

  3. I just LOVE this! So true. Love the 60-second hug idea & the 20-second kiss. But I know OCD me will be counting one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two . . . LOL!

  4. Karen, I loved the way your husband brought this to your attention. And, the fact that you actually researched the issue of kissing had me giggling for over 20 seconds, not to mention the fact that you even found some interesting info.on the topic. Thanks for sharing! I’ll see what I can do to put this into practice…sounds fun! Smiles, BRC

  5. Sweet post. Karen!
    Kai and I have been having a lot of lingering kisses lately. Being his weekend girlfriend, while having cancer treatment during the week out of town, has deepened the realization of what a priceless treasure we are to each other. Last Thursday I got the results of an MRI and the pronouncement that Friday would be my last day! Kai took the train to L A to pack me up and bring me home on Saturday, but we lingered for 24 hrs and had a day of celebration on Saturday by going to the Getty Villa in Malibu and dinner at Paradise Cove on the ocean. It is so wonderful to be home with a new lease on life and continuing to enjoy lingering hugs and kisses!

    • What a beautiful thing to hear, Bev. It brings tears to my eyes. Bless you both as you continue to inspire all of us who love you both.

  6. Karen, I loved your sharing of these intimate moments. I have re-posted an essay I wrote on The Anatomy of a Kiss on my website. You may get a “kick” out of reading it. Happy Autumn and stay Happy In Love. Marie

  7. Now I know why my favorite “kisser” had thick lips!! Love it!
    He is no longer on this planet and I miss him but I sure do have great memories! if you still have yours I suggest you take advantage of it! Margaret

  8. Karen,
    Gave your 20-second kissing challenge a try. But, I can’t tell you how it went, because I don’t kiss and tell. However, thanks for the tip! Smiles, BRC

    • What a gal! You keep your kissing info to yourself. Smiles back to you too, Beth. Thanks for being a faithful reader.

  9. LOVE this article! I love kissing and honestly miss it. Even at two years in, it’s too easy to do the “peck” hello and goodbye and not linger. Going to test this theory on my man!

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