My husband came home from work one night and laid one on me–a smash-mouth kiss–right there at the door.  Then he handed me a box of chocolate kisses. “Karen, it’s time we got into kisses again—chocolate and otherwise,” he said, lifting his brow with a hint of romance.  “We’re rushing too much.  We need to take time for each other, to be close again. I miss kissing!”

Wow! I didn’t know what to say so I unwrapped a piece of the silver foil-wrapped candy and popped it into my mouth.  I thought we were into kissing. I kissed Charles at the door when we left for work each morning and I kissed him when he arrived home at night and again before dropping off to sleep. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

But now that I thought of it, my kisses were more like peck, peck, peck!  A peck on the cheek. A peck on the lips. A peck on the top of his head.  Hmmm!  He had given me something to think about.  And think about it I did.

Then I jumped online and did a ‘kissing search.’ I found a neat little article titled “The 20-Second Kiss” on the Bottom Line Secrets web site.

“The 20-second kiss can revive the feelings that brought you together. A long, slow, deliberate kiss–which need not progress to further sexual activity–can be a great reviver of closeness. Simply agree that either of you can ask directly for a 20-second kiss when feeling underloved or underappreciated. Also helpful: The 60-second hug. Use it to say good-bye or to reconnect after a busy day. About halfway through a long hug, you will relax in each other’s arms and feel a great release of tension.”

I popped a couple more chocolate kisses in my mouth and savored their sweetness while I read the ‘secret’ again. That evening I bumped into an article in a magazine on the coffee table that encouraged people to exercise their lips, because as we age, they become thin. The author’s answer to thin lips? Kissing, of course.

Within a few minutes, I had a wealth of new info on a topic I hadn’t given much thought to.  Wait till I show this to Charles.  He’ll love it. Then I thought better of handing him the articles. I mean how romantic is that? “Honey, here’s the latest scoop on the health benefits of putting our lips together!” No! I needed to demonstrate.

The next morning when he was about to walk out to the garage, I stopped him at the door.  “Hey, where’s my kiss?”

He blew me a kiss. I couldn’t believe it. No lip-to-lip contact. And after his request for more kissing just the night before, and after all the research I did on google he blows me a kiss?  No way, Mister.

I grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him toward me. “I want to kiss you good-bye,” I said.

And with that I pressed my lips against his and felt his warm, sweet breath overtake me.  I lingered for at least twenty seconds, though I didn’t time it. That would’ve been tacky!  Then he got into it and I imagine we went over the limit by a good three or four seconds.  Ahhh!  No chocolate kiss can take the place of the real deal with the one you love.

He smiled, lifted his brow in that romantic way of his, and opened the door. “Bye,” he whispered, as then he was gone.

I ran to the mirror.  Sure enough my lips were fuller already! And my heart, as well.

I can get into this.

People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy.  (Bob Hope)             





Fat Lips — 20 Comments

  1. Karen,
    Such a treat to read about thinning lips and what to do about them! As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect!” If you know of anyone of the opposite sex who could benefit by some similar ‘practice’ ……send ’em my way!!

  2. I love it! Won’t Don be surprised when I grab him for 20 seconds before he leave at 5AM tomorrow! I always kiss him goodbye, too….but not usually for 20 seconds that early! I’ll give you credit! 🙂 Jerri

  3. I just LOVE this! So true. Love the 60-second hug idea & the 20-second kiss. But I know OCD me will be counting one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two . . . LOL!

  4. Karen, I loved the way your husband brought this to your attention. And, the fact that you actually researched the issue of kissing had me giggling for over 20 seconds, not to mention the fact that you even found some interesting info.on the topic. Thanks for sharing! I’ll see what I can do to put this into practice…sounds fun! Smiles, BRC

  5. Sweet post. Karen!
    Kai and I have been having a lot of lingering kisses lately. Being his weekend girlfriend, while having cancer treatment during the week out of town, has deepened the realization of what a priceless treasure we are to each other. Last Thursday I got the results of an MRI and the pronouncement that Friday would be my last day! Kai took the train to L A to pack me up and bring me home on Saturday, but we lingered for 24 hrs and had a day of celebration on Saturday by going to the Getty Villa in Malibu and dinner at Paradise Cove on the ocean. It is so wonderful to be home with a new lease on life and continuing to enjoy lingering hugs and kisses!

    • What a beautiful thing to hear, Bev. It brings tears to my eyes. Bless you both as you continue to inspire all of us who love you both.

  6. Karen, I loved your sharing of these intimate moments. I have re-posted an essay I wrote on The Anatomy of a Kiss on my website. You may get a “kick” out of reading it. Happy Autumn and stay Happy In Love. Marie

  7. Now I know why my favorite “kisser” had thick lips!! Love it!
    He is no longer on this planet and I miss him but I sure do have great memories! if you still have yours I suggest you take advantage of it! Margaret

  8. Karen,
    Gave your 20-second kissing challenge a try. But, I can’t tell you how it went, because I don’t kiss and tell. However, thanks for the tip! Smiles, BRC

    • What a gal! You keep your kissing info to yourself. Smiles back to you too, Beth. Thanks for being a faithful reader.

  9. LOVE this article! I love kissing and honestly miss it. Even at two years in, it’s too easy to do the “peck” hello and goodbye and not linger. Going to test this theory on my man!

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