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  1. LOL…that made me giggle Karen, and I’m laughing with you not at you I promise. 😀
    Don’t you love it when a frustration goes from a problem to a blessing with the turn of a switch? Teehee!

    Smiles, BRC

  2. So much fun for us to read but it certainly wasn’t fun for you to go through. Life can be crazy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great story, funny and yet I am sorry you lost a nights rest! It made me think of the kitchen floor when we moved to a rental house in Frankfort. No noise but the flooring (some kind of linoleum)seemed to be crumbling each time I mopped it. I talked with the owner of the house, she checked with the floor covering company because the flooring was NEW! What to do? you would never guess! She called me and said they told her to have me pour fresh whole cows milk on the floor, let it stand for a few hours and then mop up any that remained and it should be good as new! She said she had found a cow if I was willing to try it! She brought a gallon of fresh warm milk to me, I had dressed to “go to town” I poured the milk all over the floor and walked out the door and went shopping! When I got home around noon I could not believe what I saw! There was not a drop of milk that I could see anywhere, the floor was clean and there was no mild odor!! I called my friend up the street and she died laughing. Later she told me she called her husband at work (he worked in construction with lots of cement) to tell him and she said he did not laugh and simply said: “Fran, we pour fresh whole milk on concrete all the time!” I lived in that house for many more years and the floor always looked really nice! THEN I remembered a friend whose family had a dairy farm tell me one time she always wanted to ‘accidently’ spill a gallon of fresh milk on her kitchen floor as it made a great shine!
    (don’t you get tired of my “stories”?)
    Just happy your house did not catch on fire!!
    Love to you. Margaret

    • Love this story too, Margaret. Never would have guessed that milk could have been used that way.

  4. Thanks again, Karen for another great story! I could use a happy ending like this one as I’m dealing with an ice machine in my older refrigerator today!

    I can hear the ice dropping into the storage container but the mechanism that pushes the ice out into a glass, as well as the container that normally comes apart in order to empty out a larger amount of ice into a cooler, both seem to be frozen (pardon the pun!). I’d like to do some trouble shooting before calling a repair person but no amount of prayer or pushing the release button will open the container! Right now, I’m sensing a prompting in my spirit to wait on God’s timing and instead of rushing headlong into an expensive repair or replacement I’m thanking Him for the blessing of a refrigerator that keeps my food cold…and heading to my pantry to dig out some “old school” ice cube trays!

    • Thanks, Glenda. I’ve had a go-round with my ice maker too. Decided to shut it off and make ice cubes the good old way with trays.

  5. Cute story. Even a mishap brings knowledge from God’s Word as your encouragement at the end with 2 Peter. Plus,God prob orchestrated the whole thing to bring you two together again with the threefold cord. Maybe Jason needed the blessing of joining in on your mishap. (maybe he was five bucks short for whatever reason. Who knows? (God does.) LOL Thanks for sharing.

  6. I just have to say I love your story and all of the comments too. I don’t have one to add , but probably could if I thought long enough. We all get into these “duh” moments once in a while. Thanks for giving me a smile today!

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