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  1. Dear Karen,
    I too, am one of the fortunate ones to have a Dad
    like you! He was such an inspiration to all seven of us “kids”! We knew how fortunate we were and we thanked God for him. Dad taught me so many things that are good just by his example. He was a minister so he always had a “job” but it was during the depression and we were very poor financially but we were wealthy with an abundance of love. We had a cow, chickens, and grew our own vegetables. We received mission barrels like so many of our church members but
    he never complained even tho money was scarce!!
    Thank you, Karen, for sharing this story. You are fortunate to have had him for a Daddy and I am fortunate too.
    Love, Margaret
    Love to you. Margaret

  2. Karen,
    Thanks for sharing this inspiring story about your father. I was also blessed to have a father who looked to the Lord. In your case, and as the saying goes “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree” since I know how much you, too, lean on your Heavenly Father!

  3. Gosh! Karen, My Dad was a miriad of personalities to me from being very strict to being playful. Always a good provider and my Mum was the one to keep home and family together….4 of us children and three of us born during the Second World War! Dad was a great man in The Masonic Order in N. Ireland and was the first to be the head of two lodges at same time. A non alcoholic and had that strict old Irish ethical nature. Taught us all to be respectful, independent and self reliant! Not always an easy family environment ….. but we all made it to wonderful productive and giving careers! Your beautiful writing today has brought back a flood of memories. Glad you had such a wonderful father and I was indeed blessed too. We are especially blessed with the constant love and guidance of our Godly Father who is constant and always with us! Keep on writing my friend as you have a lovely way of opening loving memories and giving us reasons for expressing gratitude. Namaste, Kathleen XO.

    • Thanks, Kathleen. I loved hearing about your Irish dad. He turned out a beautiful daughter in you.

  4. Karen, that’s a beautiful tribute. Your father sounds like mine, a godly dad. What a gift! Interestingly, just from the photo I see a resemblance to Charles … both handsome, white-haired men. And I know you are that kind of Mom to your children, and grandmother to your grandchildren. Precious!

    • Thanks, Carol. It was nice to remember my father and his special qualities. I’m happy to know your dad was a beautiful example to you too.

  5. Tender, precious memories of a very special man. I love the phrase, “fell together.” How true that is when you have Jesus to lean on. Thank you for sharing. This brought back memories of my dad.

  6. Karen, I wasn’t blessed with a loving father like yours, or anywhere near a role model like yours … It took me decades to find our Lord Jesus on this bright side of the earth … but by God’s amazing grace, find Him I did … Thank you for sharing your beautiful touching story about your wonderful father’s faith, courage, and wit. And I’m trying to imagine what it was like to have a loving father… Jing

    • Jing, I’m sorry you did not have a loving father here on earth but I’m grateful with you that your heavenly father has given you all that you want and need and deserve.

  7. Beautiful memories Karen, you we’re blessed by having a wonderful example in your father, mine was in my grandpa. My precious grandma would have been 103 yrs today. I’m so thankful for having them in my life. May God continue to bless you Karen! With love, and hugs, Walter, and Cathy Hopper

    PS Donna Poole sends her love

    • Cathy and Walter and Donna, I send my love and regards to you too. Thanks, Cathy, so much for sharing your sweet memories of your grandparents who were loving examples in your life.

    • Thanks for remembering Bapa, Julie. I think of him often these days and appreciate more and more what he went through and how he triumphed.

  8. Love this post Mom. I remember you telling me this story years ago. Amazing he did that at age 60 so many years ago. What an inspiration to never give up! Love you, -Jim

    • Daddy was an inspiration, for sure. I appreciate him more and more the older I get. Thanks for your post, dear son.

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