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“Where did I put that butter?” my friend asked herself one afternoon as she prepared to make a batch of cookies. The half-pound she’d purchased at the market the day before was nowhere in sight. She checked the hall closet where she hung her purse. Not there. She searched her jacket pockets. Nope! With a great sigh she rummaged through the grocery bags one more time. Nada.

“Time for prayer,” she muttered. Dear Lord, I need help. At that moment she slid open the drawer where she keeps her baking utensils and there it was. “I never expected to be praying to find a stick of butter,” she said laughing, “but I surely did. God answered my prayer in plenty of time for me to make the cookies I planned to take to my granddaughter’s open house at school.”

Fortunately, the butter was still intact. None had melted and it was now just the right consistency for her recipe.

How much God cares about us in big things and little, in world-changing events and in mundane tasks that we take for granted. Nothing is too great or too small for the God of creation. In Jeremiah 32:41, the Lord says, “I will rejoice in doing them good . . .”

If my friend could locate a mere stick of butter through prayer, just think in what amazing and funny and delightful and serious ways any one of us can receive God’s help—if we seek Him with all our heart.




Everything’s Better With Butter–and Prayer — 8 Comments

  1. Dear Karen,
    What a beautiful reminder that God can help us with every detail of our lives if we seek Him with all of our heart. This story is very funny and it brings back memories of all of the times God has helped me out in very surprising ways. Bless you.


  2. So true. Thank you for this down-to-earth reminder that God cares about all the details of our lives and is with us every moment of every day (Hebrews 13:5).

  3. Dear Karen, thank for reminding me with this cute story/lovely testament to God’s love in His amazing ways, big or small. My turning point was when, after my dentist told me that all my teeth would fall out due to my hopelessly deteriorating receding gum lines for growing up in China’s famine and poverty without ever any dental care, I then prayed to God the Lord Jesus that if He could make my gum line grow back, at least some, I will wholeheartedly believe He is my God. And guess what? (I still get goose bumps on my arms and tears in my eyes) My then-receding gum lines have since been steadily growing back … That was 20 years ago. My teeth and gum lines are in better and better shapes … Oh, Praise the Lord Jesus. I thank Him every day. For He is my true loving God.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Karen! Just in the few past days, God has done a wonderful thing for me. I was depressed and tense, due to Bob’s health & mine. I got up and dressed after Three days. I went to the station close by our house to buy a newspaper. A gentleman was there, we talked; he told me a funny(true) story about someone we both know. I got back home and had several “fits” of laughter followed by bouts of crying. The next day I was a new person and my arm which was so painful has been better, since then. I ask the Lord why couldn’t he heal me like he did in the bible days and He did, yes He sure did-and in a funny way!!!

    • Mary, thanks for sharing this delightful anecdote. There’s nothing like a bit of humor to restore us to sanity and serenity. God has his unique ways of healing us from our hurts and disappointments!

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