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I was browsing some reading material this morning, deciding what I wanted to focus on for the day when I came across this saying from C.S. Lewis.

I decided quickly that this quote was enough to focus on for a lifetime. A mere morning was not enough.

Aiming at heaven–imagine that. Starting out each day with the pursuit of a heavenly approach to all things, all people, all interactions, all thoughts, and all deeds. What a BIG goal and yet what a worthy one. When we aim at heaven all other delights are ‘thrown in.’

Let that be my goal for today and tomorrow and every day thereafter.

Thank you, Lord. You are a generous God, delivering surprise after surprise and all we have to do is open our hands and our hearts.




Everything Else Thrown In . . . — 11 Comments

  1. C.S. Lewis said so much with so few words. Thanks for reminding me to focus on what really matters – the only way to experience true peace, and to accomplish anything of lasting value.

    • Thank you for commenting, Columba. I so agree with you. And by the way I am enjoying my new blue coffee cup and I purchased a book with the Amazon gift card! The cozy blanket will keep me warm on extra cold nights.

  2. So true Karen. This reminds me so much of Matthew 6:33 when it says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” Sorry, paraphrase. There are countless Scriptures that reflect this sentiment. Lewis’s writings are great. Powerful man of God. I’m glad His writing remains for us. I so enjoy reading God’s Word though. It is my lifeline Karen. GBY.

  3. Dear Karen, I think C.S. Lewis is one of our most influential writers!! I was just ‘glancing’ at his book, “Mere Christianity” last night. I like the quote you used here!! Very wise and very true and one we need to remember!
    Love to you. Margaret

    • I remember Lewis’ book, Mere Christianity winning one of my daughter’s to Christ. It is a special volume in my home library. Thanks for your comment, Margaret.

    • Yes, Mary–life would be easier and simpler if we took a heavenly approach to everything, wouldn’t it. Thanks for commenting.

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