Easter Surprise! — 10 Comments

  1. Oh! Karen. What a beautiful testimony of who you are and what you went through to get here!!
    I too remember the new Easter outfit complete with hat that I was so happy to wear as I sang in the Church choir and taught Sunday School. So long ago and now the children are so different, aren’t they? Glad we have these beautiful memories to recall and to remind us of how fortunate we were to have religion and practices so intense in our upbringing. We are indeed so very blessed to have an every moment consciousness of our relationship with The Divine.
    I love you my friend and fellow lover of GOD and all His beautiful creation.

    • Thank you, Kathleen. I am grateful for your faithful reading and commenting. I hope you had a joy-filled Easter weekend.

  2. Beautiful story Karen. Well put. You ought to write for a living. (LOL.) Both my parents are with Jesus right now and I remember so many tales about our times together as a familyand how traditions carry on. I guess traditions are a way of hanging on to them and the past. I prefer to call denial, “tradition.” God bless Karen. God is always there for us huh!?

    • Thank you, Jim. Yes, God is always there for us. I’m happy to know you too have fond memories of your parents.

  3. I, too, remember the Easter bonnet and new dress and shoes.
    It is wonderful when Jesus becomes more than that and we know Him as our Savior.
    Thanks for another inspiring story.

    • Thanks, Ann. Yes, it takes awhile to discover that Easter is more than pretty shoes and an Easter bonnet. I’m so grateful I know that now.

  4. We were on the same page with our Easter posts, Karen. I love how you expressed the main point: “new garments that matter.” Yes, these garments never wear out, never go out of style, and always fit perfectly! Thank God for the parents we had who took us to church and built the foundations of a faith that would serve us and nurture us for a lifetime!

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