traditional-rocking-chairsImagine! One can enjoy God while doing nothing–not praying or working or trying to be good. That came as a surprise to me when I was a new Christian some thirty years ago. But when I read Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God” I understood.

Just reading these words helped me to put on the brake, to slow down, to come to a full stop in life and rest. That doesn’t mean sit in a chair and twiddle our thumbs or zone out on our responsibilities. But it does mean we can let God be God. We can trust him to meet our needs, to keep the earth spinning on its axis, to oversee the day and night, and to manage all the details of our lives.

I’ve since learned to give myself a ‘time-out’ each day–not for misbehaving, but for refueling. Doing nothing can sometimes be more productive and creative than doing something. Our hearts and minds will open to possibilities and probabilities during a time of quiet. Ideas come to us. Opportunities pop up. Solutions to problems are suddenly clear. And all of this can happen when we are still and know that God is.

What a blessing it is to find God while doing nothing because that means there is nothing we have to do to find him! He shows up unbidden and without asking for anything except a chance to interact with us as we stop and sit a spell and simply be.




Doing Nothing–With God — 14 Comments

  1. Karen what a beautiful reminder to allow the love of God and His healing balm to replenish our souls if we just slow down. This is a message that will never get old and one that will always inspire us to commune with Jesus. Thank you for writing from your heart.

    • Thank you, Sandy. I’m happy to be reminded as well. How blessed we are to know that God IS!

  2. This has been one of my very favorite verses of scripture ever since I can remember~literally!! I focus on this verse a lot and it really helps! thanks for sharing your view~I agree. Margaret

  3. Hi Karen, I love that verse, but sometime have a hard time putting my to do list aside You really got my attention by saying how we can enjoy God while doing nothing. I look forward to doing nothing with Him.

    • Thanks, Pam. I understand what you’re saying about putting aside our to-do lists. I face that challenge too, but this year I’m trying to spend more moments with God each day. When I do so everything is so much better! I hope your trip to Bahrain was wonderful. I’m eager to hear about it.

  4. Good one Karen. You’ve actually stumbled onto something here. When I have writers block and can’t think of any new ideas for my own blog, I just relax and observe nature and my surroundings. I have learned that all truth is parallel that for every natural truth, there is an equal and corresponding spiritual truth. Its like when you are writing and you use the two tracks method by giving an example in the natural and then give a spiritual and biblical example to make your point. I created a blog the other day because of a speed bump while sitting at Starbucks. Sometimes my mind goes crazy with all the ideas that God puts in my head. It’s awesome. Many times I just sit and take in the fellowship with God. Before you know it, I’ve sat outside Starbucks for a couple hours not realizing how long I’d been there. Thank you Jesus. This method of observing my surroundings is where I get most my ideas for my writing. Fun. Good blog Karen.

    • Thanks so much, Jim. Isn’t it amazing how quickly the time passes and how refreshed we become when we simply sit and commune with God?

  5. Hi Karen-
    I just read several of your blogs that I had missed. I particularly enjoyed this one. I agree, sometimes we foeget to just “be” wih God without an agenda.

    Good reminder!

    • Thanks, Bev. I appreciate your reading my blogs and commenting. Hope all is well in your corner.

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