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  1. Thank you Karen for interviewing me today. I appreciate you support and contribution to my latest book, Dear God, He’s Home!.
    Your readers can also watch a book trailer @!
    About His Work,
    Janet Thompson

  2. Oh, this sounds like a wonderful book for a friend of mine who’s going a little nuts. While we are hopefully a few years away from this phenomenon, I think I’ll read it before I give it to my friend–just to be ready! And I’m going to go find the Woman to Woman Mentoring book mentioned. Sounds perfect! Thanks, Karen.

    • Hi Kristi, What a good friend you are to get this book for your friend with a stay-at-home hubby and smart to read it yourself before you reach that point in the marriage journey.

      You mentioned look for the Woman to Woman Mentoring resources and you can read about all of them at
      About His Work,
      Janet Thompson

  3. This looks like a great book for the ladies. It might not be a bad book for the guys (husbands)as well so they can help the wife in her own personal situation. A healthy understanding of the woman’s plight in a marriage or just being herself doing for her family would be invaluable.

    • You’re right James and there are actually discussion questions for husbands and wives at the end of each chapter and Leader’s Guide for Couples small groups. Very insightful of you.
      My husband actually shares in the book too in the Epilogue. It’s a couple’s marriage transition no matter what the reason he’s home!

  4. I haven’t run into this problem because for the last 25 years my husband and I have worked side by side travelling and now in the office of the ministry we are with. I think sometime I get too dependent on us working so closely. Life is a wonderful adventure as we live and learn through all the diversity of this journey.

    The book that is of most interest to me right now is “Oh God, It’s Cancer.”

    Thanks, Karin for this interview.

    • Hi Ann,
      You’re right…it’s easier when being together 24/7 has become a way of life…although there are a couple of wives who tell their story of learning to live happily with that transition.
      It is a shock though when 24/7 togetherness occurs suddenly after years of marriage.

      You mentioned my book Dear God, They Say It’s Cancer. I had the opportunity to write the book I wished I had going through my first battle with breast cancer. I’ve since had to recurrences and have used my own book! I’m so sorry if you are experiencing cancer, and I pray the book might be a blessing to you.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for participating. And Janet, thanks for responding to the comments while I was teaching at Mount Hermon for the week. Kristi Holl is the winner of the free book. I’ll send you her email and you can get in touch with her for her address.

    • I thought you were probably at Mt Hermon. I really miss going…had some wonderful years there. Maybe I can go someday and teach too! I tell every aspiring writer to go! Glad you’re home safely. Your interview ran in my newsletter that went out today:)

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