Cultivating the Gift of Encouragement — 10 Comments

  1. Excellent blog Karen but of course, why am I not surprised. I love your blog. It always is uplifting and encouraging, either through wit or humor. Keep up the God work.

    My phones dictionary choice the word God after I topped in the word good. I was going to change it but then, I thought, “Why?” It was a Freudian slip. You are a great writer. So with that, I say, “keep up the God work. (Keep up the good work as well.)

    • Thanks, Jim. You’ve been a loyal reader and I appreciate you. Please read the blog from last week and you’ll see what Charles and I are facing. It’s called “A Sudden Change.”

  2. I love everything you write! Thank you for always sharing things we need to hear. Sometimes encouragement comes from us without our even knowing it!! I like the story of the little boy who loved his elderly neighbors and would go and sit with the man in his swing on the porch. Then the man’s wife died. The boy went over to see the man and his mother saw them sitting on the swing. When he came home she asked him what he had talked about to his friend. The little boy said, “Oh, I didn’t say anything, I just helped him cry” ! Many times, just being with someone in grief is enough. Other times we can help them cry without saying a word.
    Blessings to you and Charles.
    Love, Margaret

    P.S. the story above may or may not be true but it could have happened~it is still a good story.

    • Thank you, Margaret. I love that little story you shared–true or not. The point is well made. You are such an encourager yourself. Charles and I appreciate you each day anew when we read the quotation on the Irish calendar you gave us.

  3. Karen, it’s you who are encouraging us so much — both you and CHarles– through such examples of courage and trust in God no matter what the circumstance. You amaze us. In your greatest hour of need, it’s you who uplift us. And another way you significantly encouraged me was through your wonderful book Basket of Blessings. I think of it especially now during this Thanksgiving season, and I will never forget how you and Charles opened all the little slips of paper you put into the basket, enumerating your blessings over the year, and how you wept together. You weep together now, and how I pray you will hold each other more tightly than ever, as you encourage each other in the Lord.

    • Thank you, Lynni. How sweet of you to stand with us during this most difficult season with your devoted love and prayers. You mean the world to me.

  4. Karen, I was about to write a blog about ways to encourage others–and then your blog appeared in my inbox. I changed my mind. You wrote a wonderful one. Thanks for being such a great encourager. May the Lord encourage you today also!

  5. Dear Karen,

    What an inspiration you’re and have been to me. Like always, I enjoyed your wonderful writing. It inspires me to be a nicer person by being thoughtful and caring to others. It also awed me with your amazing faith in God. The strength you demonstrate by hanging in there strong and continuing to write such wonderful pieces to inspire others during this most difficult trial times of your beloved Charles’ well being, is truly touching and inspiring. I see God’s amazing grace through you. Please take good care of yourself. God bless. Jing

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