Prayer GardenFor years I wanted a prayer garden, a small plot of land where I could plant flowers and shrubs and climbing roses and then sit back and contemplate, read, pray, and relax. But for 25 years my husband and I lived in an apartment and then a condominium. So I contented myself with gardening in pots.

Our ‘new’ home has a small yard. The moment I saw the untilled land, my imagination took flight. Before we laid a patio, I marked off the amount of space I wanted for my little garden. My husband then surprised me by creating a flagstone path that led to a new birdbath. On either side we planted various blooming ground cover, secured a trellis for the Ice Rose to climb, gave the corner to a blooming azalea and put a Princess plant next to the fence. Within a few weeks the garden was ablaze with color and I had a place to go to whenever I wanted a time of peace and quiet reflection.

Maybe you have something similar in mind. Or maybe you never thought about it before. Now might be the perfect time to consider what would be special and unique and soul satisfying to you.

A prayer garden also yields plenty of beautiful, fresh flowers that you can bring to your dining table nearly every week of the year, depending on where you live.

My husband and I bought a small ice cream-style table and two chairs and set them on the concrete patio at the edge of the garden. This has become a favorite spot for morning tea or coffee, lunch, reading a book, or simply enjoying a time of prayer in the sun.

Do you have a favorite spot in nature for prayer and reflection?


He fulfills the desires of those who fear him;

he hears their cry and saves them (Psalm 145:19)

Grow flowers of gratitude in the soil of prayer.

Verbena Woods



Cultivate a Prayer Garden — 8 Comments

  1. Your garden is beautiful! Since I am allergic to all the beautiful flowers and trees with all colors in full bloom, I sit in the den while reading my devotionals and prayer timme and look at the small lake, the beautiful colorful trees on the golf course, the bright blue sky with the fluffy white clouds and my heart overflows with gratitude that I CAN read, pray and see God’s beautiful creations in nature! We also have a “family” of huge cranes that are so interesting to watch as they teach their offspring to find food in the grass, swim in the lake and then take flight in the air. Margaret

    • Thanks, Margaret. It seems we have a lot in common when it comes to appreciating nature.

  2. What a lovely idea. I rent and DO NOT have a green thumb. But what I do have is Waverly Park here in Albany. Itbis a beautiful park with a huge and serene lake. I’ve taken some pics of it lately Karen and it was like glass. All the trees and foliage reflecting off the water, it made for a magazine cover photo. They hae geese and ducks that frequent the place looking for hand outs which is a fun time. I get allot accomplished there when I take pad and pencil. I know I can commune with God anywhere but theres something about the atmoshere and beautiful surroundings (like your garden), thats conducive to a good time with the Lord. That was a sweet thing for Charles to do that for you.he sounds like a good man. I don’t suppose that you’d argue with that huh. Lol

    • Thanks, June. The trees and flowers around your new home really speak to me too. I love the serenity and peace and beauty they offer.

  3. Karen, I love your prayer garden! And I love, love gardening. My husband and I put in three perennial gardens in our backyard with pebbled pathways. Because we have so much shade, and grass is hard to grow, we designed another one on the front side of the house. There I placed a white iron bench, ferns, and a Scripture board in a tree above them reminding me of God’s faithfulness. The bench and a back porch swing are part of my “prayer garden,” and I often enjoy coffee there as you do, either alone, or with my husband. But I “come to the garden alone” every day and enjoy worshipping Him as I stroll through the pathways. His handiwork is so beautiful! When I read about the first garden in Genesis, I understand why His beauty ushers us into His sweet fellowship–even though we have weeds to deal with. 🙂

    • Rebecca, what a lovely comment about prayer gardens. I’m happy to know we share this passion.

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