Conversing With Your Spouse — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, Karen, I love your wonderful writing. I feel like I were there, too. Wish I had love in my life like you, so that I can go to Mt. Hermon to experience that beautiful time myself, too. Thanks a lot, for your beautiful writing. It’s so pleasant to the heart.

    • Thanks, Jing. I appreciate your reading my blog and adding your comment. Your words are encouraging.

  2. Karen your article was so meaningful to me because it gets to the core of what makes a relationship strong. Even though I’m not married, I will use these questions (or similar ones) with all of the people that I love and care about. Thank you for your dedication in spreading God’s love, wisdom, and joy. That photograph of you and Charles is beautiful. Those roses are lovely.

    • Thank you, Sandy. You are always full of encouragement. I knew you’d like those roses. By the way, our yard is now in full bloom. You’d have fun taking photos!

  3. Karen, I think it’s wonderful that you and Charles can go to places such as you do. I believe you two have a strong and respectful relationship. I found a picture of you two and I don’t think you have changed all that much. May God continue to bless you!!!!

    • Mary, thanks for your sweet comments. It’s always good to hear from you. I enjoy our connection across the miles.

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