Climbing to Heaven — 16 Comments

    • Thanks, dear JANS!! I am leaving for home tomorrow so I’m catching up on replies. It is special to hear from the two of you.

  1. Another great testimony to what Charles loved…and what he left for you to enjoy! Have a relaxing time away!

  2. Your roses are beautiful! AND they are reaching up to Heaven! My son-in-laws parents were well known for growing beautiful roses and I think of them often when I see roses! My husband Herb grew roses and a variety of colors/ ALL so beautiful! He certainly had a “green thumb” and our place was surrounded with beauty. Now he and Charles are enjoying the beauty of Heaven!!
    Have a relaxing week ! Love to you. Margaret

    • Thanks, Margaret. I am now relaxing in Lexington, KY with Charles’ brother and his wife–surrounded by their lovely garden. It seems that roses and other beautiful flowers are in the DNA of the Flowers family–much to the delight of all relatives! I appreciated your story about roses, as well.

  3. Karen, what a touching memory. It honors both Charles and Charlie, Charles’ father. Precious. Bless you on this week of respite from the keyboard.

    • Thank you, Carol. Back to the keyboard this week. I am enjoying my final day in Lexington, KY with Charles’ brother and his wife.

  4. Karen, What a beautiful rose! Such a wonderful gift Charles left you of him for you to enjoy and share with others.
    Have a very special time while your away.
    Love you Karen
    Love Janet

    • Hi Janet. Thank you for posting your comment. I miss you too and hope we can have coffee and a walk soon after I return. Tomorrow is travel day.

  5. Karen, just today a friend told me a similar story of how her mom went into the back yard shortly after her husbands death to visit a rose bush he had given her. There she poured out her lonely heart to the Lord and also whispered a few words to her husband because she felt so close to him there. Finding comfort, the next day she went back again. Though there had been no buds or blooms on the bush the day before, to her amazement she discovered one beautiful red rose in full bloom. I have no doubt the Lord in his goodness and care often sends us these special signs. Blessings!

    • Judy, I love this story. It gives me chills. And it has cheered my day and my memory of Charles.

  6. Dear Karen, your garden looks beautiful … just like your writing … what a wonderful resting and reflecting and relaxing garden your love Charles created for you … you’re blessed to have beautiful memory like this. Have a fabulous do-nothing-but-enjoy-life get-away vacation! Jing

    • Thank you, Jing. I have enjoyed the work part of this getaway and the just hang out part, as well. Tomorrow is travel day and then back to my routine, with gratitude in my heart for all of it.

  7. Karen,

    I love how rose branches reach up, the blooms look up and a bouquet of roses cheer me up!

    You’ve been like a cheerful rose bush to me and I thank you Karen.

    Enjoy your time of solace…
    Smiles, BRC

    • Thank you for your kind words, Beth. I appreciate your loyal following and dear friendship over the years of writing and conversing with one another.

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