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  1. Thank you for “publishing” Charles’ essay- God used it to speak many things into my heart. It really is a very deep and profound essay about life, God and being our authentic selves. I hope you have a blessed Christmas Karen.

    • Thank you, Angela. I appreciate your dear comment. I hope you have a blessed Christmas, as well.

  2. Ah, Karen, this is so meaningful. To read Charles’ reflections on his most meaningful Christmas, the one that started a change in his life and focus, is precious. Thank you for sharing his writing. He was (along with you) a precious friend. We miss him still!

    • Thanks, Carol. Charles loved you and Don and he’d be thrilled to know you still miss him and appreciate his reflections.

  3. What a beautiful story of redemption. I am so glad you published it. It give us all hope for those we know who are struggling with self doubt and addictions. There is always hope when one turns to the Lord. God bless the memory of that dear man. God bless you for being a part of who he became. Isn’t God good. 🙂

  4. Beautiful, Karen. Charles was so brave and you too to share his Christmas story from so very long ago. Thank God that you came into his life after that and you both shared SO much love and growth together. God is good and we certainly are blessed. I wish you and all your faithful readers and families a very Joyous Christmas 🎄 ❤️

    • Thank you, Kathleen. I agree it’s a story of change and growth and I benefited from the redemption that occurred in Charles before I even met him.

  5. This is so wonderful, Karen, and I am so thankful for your sharing it with us. He wrote this just two years before he and my husband met each other. My husband was on a business trip in New York and our neighbor and friend, Fontain Banks asked my husband to get in touch with Charles, who was a college friend of Fontain’s. John, my husband, met Charles at a very nice restaurant. They soon discovered they had both lived in Paducah. After sharing about things they knew about Paducah Charles asked John if he by any chance ever knew anyone named Margaret Lax? My husband sort of thought for a moment as if he was not sure and finally said,” Yes, Charles, I did. In fact, when I am at home I sleep with her every night!” According to John, Charles jumped out of his chair, started running all over the place talking to the waiters and saying, “he is married to one of my best friends!” He was so excited. Of course I was stunned when John got home and told me who he had met. A short time after that John asked me for a divorce. We received a letter from Charles and I did not want to let him know we were getting a divorce but thought it was not fair to Charles to keep this a secret. (YES,there is a point in telling all of this!) I wrote to Charles and told him everything. He wrote me the most comforting letter I guess I had ever received and he listed all of the steps I would have to go thru with under the circumstances. Of course I did not know what He had been thru, but now since you shared his writing with us I know part of it. He was correct when he listed the steps I would have to face. He had been alone too and he was a great source of encouragement to me. Just like old times: we were ‘best friends’ again! I was so happy when he met you and you were in Frankfort when I met you. The rest is history! I still miss him too!
    I have wondered if Charles ever got his book about Paducah published? He emailed me each chapter he had written and I really did like it but never knew if he did get it published?
    Thank you, Karen, for sharing. I think it was a great idea!
    Love to you, Margaret

    • Margaret, what a fabulous true story. No, Charles never got his book published. He was still working on it during the year he died. In the end he saw it as a book for his own growth and enjoyment. He was not one to do what needs to be done to break into professional publishing. He enjoyed writing just as it came out of him.

  6. Beautiful writing by Charles. I am so blessed to have known him though your and our short visits. What a powerful story, what a wonderful man. Thank you Karen. Love you!💜

    • Thanks, Sheryl. How nice of you to take time to read Charles’s story. He enjoyed our short visits with you and Ed and also thought it was very ‘cool’ that he and Ed were from Paducah.

  7. Karen thank you so very much for publishing Charles’ moving article. I am so thankful that I had an opportunity to stay with you and Charles several years ago. Those moments are very precious to me. It makes me very happy that you published his writing because it hit right to the center of my being.I know many will be moved by his insights and honesty. Love you Karen.

    • Thanks, Sandy. Charles would have been so happy to read all these wonderful comments about his writing from rags to the riches of heaven.

  8. Wow. Wonderful to read and thanks for sharing it. He really expressed himself well. Too bad he never shared it himself. Missing you and hope you are doing well. XO Sue

    • Hi Sue. Many thanks for dropping by and reading Charles’s story. I’m so glad to hear it has touched so many people.

    • Thank you, Glenda. You know how precious you and your kids were to Charles and continue to be to me. I love knowing you miss him too.

  9. Karen, Thank you so much for Charles’ essay. As I read it, I heard his voice delivering the story with his inimitable style of story-telling. So wonderful to hear and feel him again. What a wonderful man, full of wisdom that you were blessed to call your husband. Thanks for the sweet memories. love, Heidi

    • Hi Sherry. Thanks for reading Charles’s essay. It says a lot about the man he was and the one he became.

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