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  1. Very sweet, Karen. I just got off the phone with my brother Steve who lives in Wisconsin. I was 11 when he was born, and I’m sure I had a big smile too. I loved taking care of my baby brother, now it is so satisfying to connect as friends.

  2. I am very blessed to be nearing my 88th birthday and still have all my sibling alive. One with her husband live with me. She is a blessing in too many ways to mention!
    Another sister lives in Colorado and is nearly 90. Most of our adult life we have spent in
    Different states but remain close . My brother lives in California and I see him often
    The biggest blessing is that we all love the Lord and pray for each other .
    We had believing parents and I thank the Lord for them.

  3. I don’t know what I’d do without my brother.
    By the way, I can see a family resemblance between you and your brother in the photo.

    • Thanks, Janet. Yes, brothers and sons are so special. Thanks for noting the resemblance between my brother and me.

  4. Beautiful post and photo, dear Karen! My one and only brother, three years my senior, died in a drowning accident at the age of 44.(His twin sister died at 17 months in a house fire, and I look forward to meeting her in heaven someday.) I still miss my brother. I’m the middle sister of the three siblings remaining, and I’m so grateful for both of them. I live in between them, with one in Portland and one in SoCal. The miles don’t diminish our love and support for each other.

    And I agree with Janet. There is a sweet family resemblance between you and your brother.:-)

    • Thanks for sharing your family story, Judy. It seems we all love and appreciate our siblings, those still present and those who have gone before us.

  5. Oh! Dear Friend, This is so timely. You and your brother really have the O’Connor good looks and similar smiles too. How lovely! I am going to Sydney, Australia soon to visit my sister and brother and have very mixed feelings! Our other brother, who was only 14 months older than me, died 2 plus years ago from lung cancer and I will bring some of Fergus’s ashes for us to sprinkle in a beautiful place together hopefully! My 3 year younger brother John has a defibrillator in his chest as a virus attacked his heart when our dear brother was suffering! Margaret, 5 years older than me sounds by phone that her energy is waning …. so I am unsure as to what awaits me on my visit. Thankfully my sweet husband Don will be with me so my strong support is guaranteed! My faith is strong. I am strong!
    God is good. I am blessed. All IS in Divine Order as we all venture forth.
    Much LOVE to you and all your dear supporters……. you are in my daily prayers. Hugs and Blessings, Kathleen XO

    • Kathleen, thank you for sharing with my readers your situation with your dear family. I pray with you that your trip will be a true blessing for both you and your siblings.

  6. Beautiful, Karen! You and your brother certainly do look ‘alike’ and look very happy! His wife looks happy too! I had three sisters and three brothers and I was the Baby! In my book I call us the “Lucky seven” because we had such great parents-Dad was a Methodist minister with a great sense of humor and all of us ‘kids’ had a great sense of humor and Mom was always ready for a hug and kept us ‘in line’. Our house was always full of love. I NEVER heard Mom or Dad complain about anything. We three youngest ones-a brother and sister-remained extremely close. All of my siblings and my in-laws are now in heaven waiting for their Baby Sister!! I was fortunate that I could spend a lot of weeks with them after I married my second husband and we were both retired. I have so many wonderful memories and thankful for them. Some people will not believe this but one night after my brother had died he came to me in a dream and said “Marg, I need you up here-I have written a song for you” Then he hummed a couple of lines! When I woke up I could still hear the notes, went to my piano, played them and wrote them down! When I would visit with him and his wife after my husband died I would play the piano and we would both sing! I am so blessed to have had them and to still feel their love.
    I am so happy you and your brother can be together. What a blessing. Love to you. Margaret

    • Margaret, what a beautiful personal story about the dream you had. I do believe our loved ones are always with us in spirit. Thank God for family.

  7. Karen this brought a tear to my eye—especially the moment that you say “poked through” about holding your brother when he was born. So sweet. Your brother has your same sweet countenance about him. Thank you for this timely post for me.

    I just had a long conversation with my older brother and cherish how I can share my truth with him like no other person on earth. We share the history and we are like-minded in a way that sometimes words can’t cover. A “look” will do. Thank you for the reminder to cherish that gift from God. I am the baby of three siblings and he said to me yesterday, “when did you get so wise?” It made me cry because I was the stupid little spoiled brat sister for most of my life.

    • What a beautiful comment from Roger, Heidi. A ‘word’ to treasure. He sees in you the wisdom you have acquired over the years. Praise God!

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