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Several years ago I joined a prison ministry as an inmate correspondent. I’d never been in a prison before, and I’d known only one person who had served time. But I had a desire to encourage women who were incarcerated for drugs, theft, and other criminal activity. I wanted them to know the love of God and to offer the hope that they could find God behind bars.

The experience has been life changing for me as I write to mothers and grandmothers who are locked up physically and spiritually. The ministry offers them a bible study free of charge, which they can complete over the course of several months. I have the opportunity to read their responses to each lesson and to comment with a scripture verse or a few words of support.

Sometimes I cry. Other times I smile, as I see the gradual changes that come about in the lives of the women I write to. They seem to experience God in a way that many on the outside never do—for they have nothing—no money or clothing or possessions of their own. They’re wards of the state and live by rules and regulations twenty-four/seven. But God makes his presence known in small ways—through his Word in the bible and through the friendship of correspondents. I feel deeply blessed to interact with these women and to see how a seed of love and comfort can blossom into a relationship with God that surpasses all understanding. Every time I write to the inmates assigned to me, I too, find God behind bars.

If you’d like to become involved in a prison ministry visit the following link for a list of various opportunities.




Behind Bars With God — 4 Comments

  1. Your enlightening experiences in prison was an eye opener for me. Never knew anyone behind bar, a very foreign territory for me. I think it was heart touching and I’m fascinated. God’s power if love is immense and reaches everywhere. Thanks to hardworking messenger Angel like you, Karen.

  2. I’ve performed in Prisons and it is amazing to see the change that happens. The programs as usually sponsor by the Chaplain and sometime the people come just for something to do. I have seen hard faced expressions saying, “O boy, church drama, boring.” Then usually after the first play they are leaning forward to catch everything. God’s love shines through. Visiting with the people afterwards is also a great reward.

    • What a wonderful experience this must have been for you, Ann. Thanks for sharing the impact you had on others.

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