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  1. Love this! Especially the line, “I’d rather write an entire book than face decisions that required knowledge I didn’t readily have.” Boy isn’t that the truth? It reminds me of when we were in India and Dick was doing dentistry on the kids while I was painting a peacock on the roof of the dining hall. He came up there to help me get the lettering straight and after 10 minutes in the heat, he announced, “I’m going back down to do some dentistry. It’s SOOOO much easier!”

    It’s like the church. All body parts are needed for it to function as a whole. I love how you pressed forward with help and knowledge of professionals and the result was beautiful. love, Heidi

  2. Thanks, Heidi. What a cute story about Dick’s talent for dentistry and yours for painting while in India. To each is given a gift, for sure.

  3. What a great God we have who can walk us through every
    decision that we have to make. Your front porch looks very
    Love Janet

  4. Call me any time to help you with decorating/remodeling questions. I LOVE all that stuff. But you did a great job. Your front porch looks beautiful! 🙂

  5. We sure do have to learn the hard way sometimes! What a challenge you faced and it sure did turn out great~~beautiful! Sit back and enjoy!
    I was divorced after 27 years of marriage and I had never worked outside the home and boy did I learn! God sure was with me every step of the way and I did very well with God planting people in my path that led me to become a successful “working girl” including a successful real estate agent! It sure was a surprise to ME to know I could do so much! I sure did thank God each day and thankfully listened to Him and let him guide me.
    I am proud of you, Karen! Love to you. Margaret

    • Thanks, Margaret. Yes, I have grown a lot since Charles died, now that I have to make such decisions without his input. But my heavenly Father is there to guide me as I keep finding out each day. I enjoyed hearing that you started a career after you became a widow and were successful. Yeah! You keep inspiring me.

  6. Looks wonderful, Karen. And doesn’t it feel great to accomplish something you didn’t know you could. The best part is knowing God led you through the decision making process and is always faithful. Loved reading this!

    • Thanks, Carol. Yes, I look at the project each day and feel so happy with the outcome, only possible by God’s grace.

  7. Being a widow myself for 20 years now, I continually look to the Lord to guide and direct me. Whether He’s steadying my ladder when I’m forced to climb to a higher rung that makes me nervous – or to help me pick the right professional or product– God has always been my faithful “husband.” It’s great to know that He is always there, behind the scenes in big and small ways, to carry me through the toughest situations. PS Your new railing and steps look fabulous!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Glenda. I have watched as God guided you through all the years since Cliff passed away. It’s been inspiring! I appreciate your kind words about my porch. I’m so pleased and grateful for the result.

  8. Have you been peeking through my window? I just had to make the decision to hire someone to remove dry rot on my house. Having a Charles in Heaven doesn’t make decisions like that easy.

    • Oh Janet, I can relate to your situation as you can relate to mine. Both of our guys are in heaven so we have to fend for ourselves–with God’s grace, of course.

  9. Simply beautiful Karen. A job well done. Congratulations on making such wise decisions. Now you can relax and enjoy sitting on your porch and feeling blessed and secure on your new steps up to your front door of your very inviting home. Sending you love and blessings sweet soul sister. XO.

    • Thank you, Kathleen. It is good to have the task behind me and the result in front of me every day. Welcome home!

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