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  1. Karen, I am so thankful you had this wonderful trip! Herb and I took a long trip out west and we went to the same places you mentioned and it really was awesome! Our country is amazing and all our parks are priceless.
    I loved ‘Old Faithful’! While out west we went to Crater Lake in Oregon and it was the most beautiful place I believe I have ever seen. We were in time to catch the last boat ride on the lake and believe me it was a real challenge to walk down to the lake on rough ground! Even tho Herb was almost 13 years older than me he made it faster and kept telling me to hurry! HA! We almost missed the boat. I believe I could write a book about all the things we saw and I am sure you could and perhaps ‘will’! Thank you for sharing your destinations. It makes me want to get out my old VCR tapes and play them again!! I wrote each day in my Journal and when we got home there were nights we would get my journal and look at the pictures while I read the “story”! Wonderful memories and I know you will remember this trip always. God bless you always, my Dear, and keep on traveling! margaret

    • Thanks, Margaret. It’s fun for me to hear that you and Herb made a similar trip. You are so right. My heart and mind are rich in memories that will be with me for the rest of my life.

  2. Thank you for the trip photos, Karen, and the reminder about what’s RIGHT with our country and so worth preserving. It sounded like a truly inspiring trip, not to mention fun!

    • Thanks, Kristi. It’s always good to hear from you. Yes, at this confusing and sad time in our country’s history it is important to remember what’s ‘right.’ The National Parks are truly inspiring.

  3. I have been to all the places you pictured here at one time. I have not been to Mt. Rushmore though. i am sue you have many great pictures . I do so agree with you in your thankfulness for the preservation of these wonders. So happy for you.

    • Thank you, Etta Mae. I’m happy to know you, too, have experienced some of these great wonders/gifts from God.

  4. I really enjoyed your blog of your travels and your photos. I am a Canadian but I love the “natural architecture” of your National Parks! I know you mentioned it before, what tour did you take? Also, on a number of your previous blogs you mentioned a support group you attend. Is that Al-anon? I’m looking for a good support group. My husband and I were thinking of taking a train ride through the Canadian Rockies
    in 2017 to see our “natural architecture” {love that term} Whenever this world gets be down, a good walk in nature always restores my soul- God’s architecture and home! Thanks for your blog! Warmly, Angela

    • Thanks, Angela, for sharing your thoughts. I was so impressed with the national parks in the U.S. that I have signed up for another vacation/tour for next summer with Grand Circle Travel–a tour of the Canadian Rockies. Then I’ll get to see the natural wonders of your country too. As for the support group–yes Al-Anon and a group at my church called Rigorous Honesty. Very helpful and inspiring.

    • You’re welcome. Thank you for reading. I really appreciate your interest and support.

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