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  1. I keep a blessing diary in which I write at least three things I’m grateful for a the end of each day. Usually there are many more than three things to list.

  2. Karen, as well you know, I have loved your basket of blessings idea for years, and your book by that title is one of my all-time favorites. I will never forget reading abuot how you and Charles would read these on Thanksgiving and be in tears. And now I know the two of you are counting each and every day together as the treasured blessings. My love and prayers are with you.

    • Thank you, Lynni. I count on your prayers. They are a blessing to us, as are you, treasured ‘heartner.’

  3. Karen, I have your book right here as I write this. it was such a blessing to our Women’s group, as we all had our baskets full of our “blessings” to read later. we saw how good things had happened to us along the way-thanks!

    • Thanks, Mary. Hearing this from you has lifted my spirit. I so appreciate your continued encouragement.

  4. Karen, I have a book that you wrote and I cannot remember the exact title ( since I moved I do not know where all of my books are located-which shelf, that is, as Tanya has so many books also ) but in the book you share how you and Charles had a “basket of blessings” that you had written during some trying times you had and later you sat on the bed and read the blessings!! I actually am thinking the book is called “Basket of Blessings” ???

    I like what you have written today and I thank you! I have enjoyed re-reading my “Attitude Journal” that I wrote several years ago when I took a class on ‘how to write a devotional’. Our first assignment was to start the Journal. It is helpful even now!

    Love you so much and keep you and Charles in my prayers.


    • Thanks, Margaret. You’re correct. The book title is Basket of Blessings–one of my favorites of the books I’ve written. Charles and I still count our blessings each day, though we don’t use the basket anymore–just share them in person and talk about them. Even in the midst of trials there is still so much to be grateful for.

  5. Dear Karen, reading the enlightening wisdom from your weekly blog has been a blessing to me. I learn so much. Thank you very much. Jing

  6. Hi Karen, The blessings in a jar is a great idea. We did that last year and then read them New years. With twelve months of good thing, positive, and encouraging thoughts supplied with 15-20 people, it was fun and set the year in motion positively. Hows Charles doing?

    • Jim, so good to hear your family shared a year’s worth of blessings. What an inspiring thing to do as a group. Charles is hanging in there. Thanks for asking. We see decline but it is gradual.

  7. Dear Karen,
    Years ago I started writing my blessings in a little spiral notebook that I kept in my purse. The exterior always got kind of tattered but I always kept them. Recently cleaning out a box of old memorabilia, I came upon several of those tattered gems. What a blessing to re-read what I had recorded in terms of the Lord’s goodness to me! I even found one entry about a dinner shared with you and Charles! Needless to say, when I count my blessings, you both are at the top of my list!

    • Thanks, Glenda. What a good idea it is to keep a little journal with you at all times in order to jot down the blessings as they occur. Then you’re not likely to forget even one. And of course you, dear friend, are among our most notable blessings. We’ve lived through so many aspects of life together and always you’ve been there for us. We love you.

  8. Dear Karen, I must get and read Basket of Blessings. I am blessed to be in a Ministry where positive encouragement is given all the time. Thank you for this reminder to write things down. You and Charles are often in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Thank you, Ann. My book is still available on–both the hardback (original) and the expanded in paperback. Very reasonable prices. I appreciate your kind words.

  9. Thank you Karen for your wonderful reminder of how our heart changes when we focus on our blessings. It is especially meaningful for me to read this now, especially since you are going through so much with Charles’ health declining. I treasure your book “Basket of Blessings.” You are so right that we need to write our blessings down because it illuminates the good. I love giving your book as a gift to those I care about. Most of all I am thankful to have you as my dear friend and prayer partner. I am continuing to pray for you, Charles and your whole family. Love you Karen.

    • Thank you, Sandy. I so appreciate your kind comments and continued prayer and support for my book, Basket of Blessings.

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