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    • Thank you so much, Marie. You certainly know what we are going through and you have been a pillar of strength over the years I have known you. I remember your journey with your dear husband.

  1. You know my prayers are constantly with you both, Karen. May the Lord wrap His arms around you both tightly as you walk together through this time. You are loved!

  2. Karen, my beloved friend, and your darling Charles,
    My heart joins you in grief and also in belief that the Lord gives you no more than you can bear, buoys you both up each step of this journey, and loves you more than we can possibly imagine. How I wish this news were different. I can’t imagine all you both are going through, and yet am so very heartened by your trust in the Lord, and in your unparalleled love and devotion to the other. Please know I love you and that I continue to pray.
    All my dearest love,
    Your heartner,

    • Thank you, Lynni. Your continued and loyal friendship these past many years mean so much to me. I appreciate each and every prayer.

  3. There is no better place than to be than in the shadow of God’s wing and in His high tower of protection.
    Love you both so much!

  4. I was greatly saddened by the news about cousin Charles. I will be praying for him daily. Please convey to him my warmest wishes. May you feel God’s hand upon you during this difficult time, dear Charles!
    Love and best wishes,
    Nancy Bjorklund

    • Nancy, thank you for your very kind words to Charles and me. I passed them on to Charles. You know this journey, since you walked a similar one with your dear Garry. I appreciate your prayer and good wishes as we walk our path.

  5. I heard about this and have been lifting you up before the Throne.
    I have asked several others to pray also. I know His love surrounds you.

    • Thanks, Etta Mae. I feel God’s love surrounding us and it’s a great comfort. I appreciate your asking others to pray with you for us.

  6. Karen- We met through Lynn Morrissey, and my heart goes out to you and your dear husband at this time…I will be praying for you and yours during this difficult time. Kel

    • Kel, thanks for sending your prayers and support. I feel blessed that you would take the time to write.

    • I didn’t know Harry had the same diagnosis as Charles. I do remember hearing, however, that he went home in glory. So many people loved that man and were better off for his ministry. I wrote about him in one of my books and had the privilege of meeting and interviewing him one day when I was in KY.

  7. Karen, thank you for posting this news on your blogsite. What you write has significant meaning for many of us; and what you write as you and Charles walk this journey with Jesus will be helpful to others along the way. I’m convinced God doesn’t waste anything in our lives, and your hearts, your sadness, your love and sharing will not be wasted. I love you both.

  8. What a beautiful couple you are, dear Karen.

    Please hang in there. You are strong.

    I pray to God, our dear Lord Jesus to give you strength, peace, comfort in this trial times.

    Thank you for your wonderful bravery and honesty. You’re truly my role model.

    I’ll continue to pray for you and your dearest Charles. Please take good care of yourself. And please let me know if I can be of any help.


    • Thank you, Jing. Your words of encouragement are a gift any time but certainly during this time.

  9. Oh, dear Karen, I had not heard this devastating news until now, and I am reeling from it. What a shock, and I am just so, so sorry. My heart goes out to you and Charles, and do know you will be both be kept close in my thoughts and prayers. Sending my love and hugs….

  10. Dearest Sister Karen,
    Linda and I are standing with you and Charles at this time of great concern. Knowing that you are both in the Arms and in The Presence of our Precious LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS, there is The PEACE that PASSES all UNDERSTANDING prevailing. You both have meant so much to us as we share in the love of our children and our Grandchildren. We know that “All things worked together for Good for those who Love GOD and are called according to HIS Purpose”. May HIS PEACE and HIS JOY carry you always into HIS Presence.

    With deep Love, Always

    Jay and Linda

    • Thank you, dear Jay and Linda. You are precious friends to us too, and we are blessed to have you stand with us in prayer and support.

  11. karen, with all of your friends praying for you and Charles, there is no doubt that you will feel God’s loving arms holding you up all thru the coming days and will sustain both of you in your sadness. We have to face reality and know that it will not be easy but we also KNOW that God is with us and when we feel we just cannot go on, we find we can and we do!!

    You know my prayers are constant for both of you and my thanks for God bringing the two of you together and giving you such a blessed life together.

    Love and hugs, Margaret

    • Thank you, Margaret. You have been a dear friend to both Charles and me and we count on your prayers and encouragement. Please thank Tanya for us, as well.

  12. Dear Karen, So very sorry to hear about your husband Charles and what the both of you must be expierenceing at this time. My heart and prayers go out to you both for Gods peace,presence,strength and courage at this difficult time.
    Love Janet

    • Thank you, Janet. It is hard news but it’s also a gift in that Charles will not likely have pain and his passing will be peaceful. God knows and will lead us through.

  13. Dearest Karen,

    My heart is saddened as I read your recent blog. So many times we don’t understand all the changes that slide or erupt in our earthly lives. Each day flies by so quickly. In just the past month we have had two deaths (my husband’s sister and her husband just within 11 days of each other in Seattle) and the birth of our fourth grandchild(in Seattle). We had just finished a few days of our planned three-week RV trip to California to visit children and grandchildren in Half Moon Bay and Salinas. My husband, Cliff, and I will add both you and Charles to our daily prayers. May the Lord give you courage, strength, and peace in the coming days. Sending love, prayers, and hugs from the Northwest. Hugs, Priscilla

    • Priscilla, thank you for your kind comment and for letting us know about Cliff’s sister and her husband dying so close in time to one another. What a blow. Charles and I add our prayers for comfort to yours.

  14. Karen,
    You, Charles, and all those that love you both will be in my prayers. May our Lord give you grace and peace in the days ahead.
    Blessings. Paula (Friend of your daughter Julie)

  15. Karen, I’m so sorry about your husband’s illness. Words can’t begin to say enough. You are both in our hearts and prayers. May the God of All Comfort completely engulf you and draw you both close to Himself through this difficult journey. You are loved.

    • Thank you, Rebecca. Your words of peace and comfort are a real gift. I appreciate your taking time to share your thoughts and prayers.

  16. My prayers are with you and Charles. It is a difficult time. I pray that you and Charles can hang on to God’s promises. He will never leave you. We can rest in His arms knowing we are so loved.

    My Neill was diagnosed 6 weeks ago with stage 4 in his esophagus, so I understand your feelings and your love.

    • Lynn, we will be holding you and Neill up to God as you are holding us. A difficult time for all four of us. Bless you both.

    • What a sweet message, Virelle. I do feel your love from afar and the nearness of our heavenly Father, ever with us.

  17. Karen,

    Although I have only known you from a mentor/student relationship and have not know you and your husband personally, you have shared your life in a way that made me feel a special connection.

    Your words and the stories of your lives have touched ours in a personal way and we will be forever grateful for the example you have been and the memories you have shared.

    Our hearts and prayers will be with you and your Charles as you hike the trail ahead. May God’s gracious strength be a source of comfort to you both.

    “…yea though (you) walk through the valley…(He) is with (You).”
    Psalms 23

    From my home and heart, BRC

    • Beth, it’s a joy to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your memory of me and how my stories have impacted you. What a gift that is. Thank you for taking time to let me know and to point me to Psalm 23–a favorite right now.

  18. It feels good to read all the love and support here for my mom and Charles. He’s been a fabulous grandfather to my kids and a huge source of wisdom and love for me in the last 35+ years I’ve known him.

    It’s a difficult time in our family, but I’m so grateful that Charles gets to hear how well respected and loved he is. Thank you.

    • Julie, thanks so much for reading all these beautiful posts and adding yours, as well. I read this to Charles and he got tears in his eyes. He’s always wanted to make a contribution and now he’s seeing that he has. Love you, Mom

  19. Karen,

    Shocked and saddened to hear the news about Charles.

    May the Lord’s steadfast hand be upon you both and provide comfort and strength. May you rest in his strong grip.

    Chris and I will cover each of you in prayer.


  20. Dear Karen,
    I’ve never had the privilege of meeting Charles but I feel like I know him through your writing, and this is the sense I’ve had about him–that he’s a kind, fun-loving, and godly man. My heart is sad for you both. Please know that I join all the rest in praying for you and your family. May God’s love peace be very near.

    • What a lovely comment, Nancy. Thank you for writing and for sensing what a challenging time this is for us. We appreciate your kind words and prayers.

  21. Karen, I’m so sorry you and Charles must travel this journey. Please know I will pray for you both through it. I’m grateful for your faithful witness and your trust in Jesus. In His love–

  22. Hello Karen
    I only discovered you today after googling “grateful heart” and found an article of yours from 2005, featured in Today’s Christian Woman, which talked about your “Blessings Bag”. That article touched something in me and I felt I had to write and tell you how sorry I am to hear the sad news about your husband. Reading the comments written by your friends and family, I can see how much love surrounds you both, and I am sure it will be of huge comfort and strength to you and your husband as you navigate your way along this difficult path.
    Jane, United Kingdom

    • Jane, what a lovely surprise it is to receive your comforting words about our situation and also that you found my article about the blessing bag. Thank you for taking time to write to me. I feel certain the Lord knitted our hearts together at this time for a purpose. God bless you.

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