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I love the movies, I have to admit. A good story with drama, action, some love-interest, and an intriguing plot that inspires and entertains is just what I look for when I want to spend an afternoon at the cinema.

I like to talk about films with friends too. We trade stories and opinions about what’s hot and what’s not and then recommend our favorites or pan the ones we didn’t like.

As I get older, however, it’s getting more and more difficult to keep the names and story lines straight. The more time that passes between films the less apt I am to remember what I want to share with a friend.

That happened one day. I knew my friend Jane likes historical fiction so I was sure she’d enjoy one of my favorite movies.  But as I started to tell her about it, I couldn’t recall the title.  So I did the next best thing. Decided to name the female lead, but I couldn’t think of her name either.  So then I tried to think of the name of the man she’s married to but his name escaped my memory, as well.  Surely I could recall his sister because she was a famous actress a couple of decades ago and recently she’s become a book author.

Well, neither of us got very far in the conversation because every time I tried to nail a detail, it dropped out of my mind. Finally, I gave up and promised to call her when all that information came back–even if it was three o’clock in the morning!

Sure enough, the next day I remembered the female lead’s name is Annette Bening who is married to Warren Beatty whose sister is Shirley MacLaine, but I still couldn’t pull the title of the film. So I drove over to the video rental store in my neighborhood and asked for help.

The clerk, at least forty years my junior couldn’t remember it either, though he seemed to know the movie I was referring to. He then pulled out a book listing all the films available on video within the last two years.  We checked under Annette Bening’s name but the list did not include the movie I was looking for–at least I don’t think it did.  But then come to think of it, if I didn’t know the name how could I expect to recognize it on a printed list?

My dilemma resolved months later when I saw a coming attraction of a movie on TV with Annette Bening and Kevin Costner–Open Range. That was it. I called my friend to tell her but she had forgotten the entire incident!




A Must-see Movie—But I Can’t Recall the Title — 14 Comments

  1. This is so funny! Maybe you shoukd carry a notebook and jot down the info. Put a plus sign at the top of the page for the ones you liked and a minus for the ones you didn’t. 😉

    • Thanks for the tip, Michele! I’ll consider it. Maybe I’ll do what a friend does. He keeps a log of all the movies and TV shows he’s seen. Before choosing a new one he checks his book to see if he’s already seen it!

    • My genre has been humor for quite a few years now but I mix in a little reflection and inspiration from time to time. We oldsters need a touch of comedy now and then. 🙂

  2. Happy Easter, Karen! Loves your FB picture. Are those your kids?
    One of the things I love about having a smartphone is being able to look things up on the spot. It’s not uncommon to be in the middle of a movie, and if it’s historical, Kai will look up the hiatory on his computer and read about it to see how accurate the portrayal is. We stop the movie for.while to do this, so it takes a lot longer to get through it and sometimes it is ruined by knowing the truth on the matter. Sometimes it’s just TMI!

    • Yes, those are my kids on the FB pic with me. They treated me to a weekend in So. CA for my birthday and we spent a day at the Getty Museum. A passerby took our photo on the stairwell. I love it.

  3. LOVE IT !! So funny because it is so true to life! I usually
    remember things like this the minute I get home or away from the person to whom I am talking!! Thanks for another good one !!

    • I feel better after reading your comment–especially since you’re younger than I am but have the same ‘condition.’ (Smile!)

  4. I know what you mean Karen. This happens to me when I have been under stress or is very tired. And I make signs with my hands trying to describe it. I was telling my son I needed a vac. belt, so I was making a circle with my hand trying to describe it-you are not alone!!!

  5. Hilarious!!

    I used to be able to talk around the detail I was trying to remember (sister, other movie they’ve been in, etc.), but for the last few months, I can’t even do that! (I’m 50.)

    If I can remember (and that’s a big ‘if’) I look things up on the web when I get a chance. I can almost always find something to connect the dots…so far.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. You remind us that we’re not alone! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lynn. You can see what’s ahead for you as you read about my senior friends and me!! If we laugh our way through these mishaps, however, it’s easier to keep on going.

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