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  1. Praying for you during this “anniversary” time, Karen. I still think of you both as I remember you the last time I was at Mt. Hermon and how much fun it was eating at your table! Good memories of great times.

    You have been an inspiration to so many of us this year as you’ve allowed us to walk with you through this loss and shared some “peeks” behind the scenes of how you were dealing with the “new normal.”

    HUGS and more hugs,

    • Many, many thanks and return hugs to you, Kristi. I so appreciate your friendship over the miles and the many years we’ve known each other.

  2. There are far better things ahead and those we love will be there with us in that far better place!
    Thinking of how you glow with life every time I see you and I know Charles would be so proud of you.
    I have had people tell me my daughter’s in Heaven would be very proud of both Dan and myself.
    Some times I wear these earrings Carrie bought me and I think…she would say I look so cute in them. I almost can her hear voice….

    • Thank you, Lynn. Yours and Dan’s testimony and demeanor after all you’ve been through has inspired me more than you know. I count you as dear friends and supports.

  3. My son is with the Lord now and it was just 2 days ago I was sitting by his bedside waiting for the Lord to call his name. Such a peace knowing I will see him again. You are so right, we have to go on with our life and live it fully. God’s timing is always best. I am at peace knowing my dear son is no longer suffering and rejoicing in Heaven. I am so happy that you are having that same Peace from the Lord.

    • Etta Mae, I am relieved with you to know your son is with Jesus now after all the suffering. It must be so difficult to lose a child no matter one’s age, but knowing the Lord as we do, we can accept his will and give thanks that we will see our loved ones again. I hold onto that too.

  4. I am sending you a hug of love as a sister in Christ and sending up a prayer that God holds tightly to your right hand as you walk this path of grief that is preciously unique to the life that you and Charles lived together. Grief has no time limits. God bless you.

  5. Karen, I know all of us are so proud you are moving on with your life knowing that is exactly what Charles would want. We do know that life on this planet is not the end of “life” ! How wonderful to be assured that some day we will meet again in a place that is so beautiful that we cannot imagine! I feel the presence of so many of my family members who are waiting for me!!
    In fact, my brother who was only six years older than me came to me one night when I was asleep and said:
    “Hurry up ‘Marg’ I need you up here”. Then, he said he had written a song for me, gave me part of the melody and when I woke up I remembered the notes, went to the piano and picked them out and wrote them down! This is a 100% true story!! He and I always had such fun singing together and for several years we were the only ones left of our seven siblings. After my husband died I would go to Kentucky to visit him and his wife and stay a week or two. I would play the piano and both of us would sing! Wonderful memories. Your memories and mine of all my loved ones can keep a smile on my face because of the love we shared and know we will share again!
    Love you. Margaret

    • Margaret, what a blessed story about you and your brother. It gives me chills–the good kind! And thank you for your greeting card. I respond to that by email. You are a dear, dear friend.

  6. Karen, I love that the castle ornament is meaningful to you. Charles was always very proud of you, his capable, beautiful wife. I’m sure he is still very proud of how you are moving forward, grieving (and Andy is so right, there is no time limit!), cherishing his memory, and trusting God every step of the way. You encourage us all!

    • Thank you, Carol, for this meaningful post and loving encouragement. I appreciate you so much.

  7. Thanks Karen.

    Inspired by: Your commitment to “live life to the fullest” despite your loss.
    Praying God gives you the strength & resources to reach your new dreams.

    Smiles, BRC

  8. Thank you for sharing your journey, Karen. You are such an encouragement and inspiration. I love how you are treasuring Charles’ memory by living your life so fully. You’re in my prayers. Peace and blessings!

  9. Karen,I thought of you on the anniversary of Charles’ death and offered a prayer for your comfort and guidance. Your strength inspires all of us.


    • Thank you, Nancy. How thoughtful of you to pray for me on the anniversary of Charles’ death. I’m sure it helped me get through the day with peace and gratitude.

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