egg-575756_1280A couple of weeks ago my 13-year-old grandson and two of his buddies came to visit after school on a Friday. They ate, played video games, ate, slept over, ate, beat me at the Mexican Train game, ate, went to the local skate park, ate, and then I drove them home!

My house was filled with noise and laughter and big appetites, snoring, conversation, and polite ‘thank yous’ and ‘this is so much fun.’ It was a great experience for me–and it also earned me a good long nap when they left. 🙂

It is so special to have youthful energy in my quiet home where I live alone. I got to shop and cook for more than one and to enjoy putting cleaned up plates in the dishwasher. Not a crumb was left. Here’s the menu: (and I’ll leave it to you to imagine the cost) 🙂

Dinner: 20 baked chicken tenders, a package of sauteed corn, two boxes of mac ‘n’ cheese,  and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Late night snack: A whole cheese and pepperoni pizza and a whole bag of potato chips and a bottle of juice.

Breakfast: a pound of bacon, a dozen eggs, a box of frozen waffles, toast, butter, and orange juice.

Snack after skating: Large sized frozen yogurt bowls with a slew of toppings!

These ‘boys’ are young men. They live large, talk loud, sleep long and share their energy freely.

Would I do it all again? YES in a heartbeat. They thanked me for a fabulous overnight adventure and I thanked them for adding to my life by just being who they are. What a gift!

Have you enjoyed a similar experience with your ‘grands’ or nieces and nephews? Please share.

“Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!”

(Hebrews 13:2 NLT)



A Houseful of Energy — 8 Comments

  1. You are truly blessed. None of my grand children have lived close enough for that kind of adventure.
    I always go to them when possible💕

    • I do feel blessed to have some of my ‘grands’ close by. I’m going to OH at Christmas to see the others.

  2. What an adventure for all concerned! Thanks for sharing all the details about the prep and then all the fun you had!

    • Thanks for enjoying my grandparenting fun, Glenda. I know you have many fun times of your own with your ‘grands.’

  3. I loved every word and it makes feel so good that you are living so close to them and have such a great time being together! A LONG time ago when my ‘then’ only grandchild, Heather, was five or six years old (she is now 44 !!)we were on our way driving from Frankfort, Paducah for my large family reunion and had car problems when we were about half way there. By the time we arrived everyone had left except one sister and family who were locking the doors of the center where we met each year. We were spending the night with one of my brothers and family so we had enough time to go to each ones home and have a very brief visit! I had five siblings who lived in the area so we did not get to stay long enough to do much “visiting” and catching up on all the family news! On the way home the next day I told Heather how sorry I was that we missed all the great food and she missed seeing and playing with her cousins and I had to “more or less” drag her from one place to another. She was listening and she did not hesitate to respond by saying, “but Grandmother, we were together!” That was the most important thing to her and it was to me! As she and I were getting ready for bed that night she mentioned it was okay that we had car trouble because there was nothing that could ever happen that would make her not love me!! WOW ! It still brings tears to my eyes and makes me think of how God loves us the same way!!
    Happy Fall! Margaret

    • Margaret, what a touching story of your time with Heather. It gave me chills. You are blessed indeed.

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